Friday, October 26, 2012

Vineyard Painting with Kathleen and Stuff (Baseball Stuff)

Painting with Kathleen
I bought a Living Social deal for Canvas! Paint & Sip in Kirkland.  As you know from my blog, I do events like this quite often these days.  I've been raving about it to Kathleen and she was definitely interested in joining.  This company and venue is a stand alone studio, based on my last experience I was nervous it might suck.  Oh no, it was actually a really great place to paint.  The environment was just right, lots of drink options, friendly staff, appetizers, really upbeat music and the freedom to create.  Unlike the other companies, the artist showed multiple steps and just let you go for it.  It's nice because you have free reign to put your own touch on it.  The Living Social deal came with a bottle of wine, yay us!  The painting was a bit confusing, still not sure what the yellow/orange thing is but oh well, it's pretty and colorful.  I'll definitely go back to this place, especially if I can snag more deals.  It is funny the difference between the painting options here and at Corks and Canvas the company I'm more familiar with.  They are more bold, where as Corks and Canvas are more blendy and less defined.  Yup, I love making up words.

The masterpiece.

I told Kathleen how wild it usually gets, so she spilled in order to not let me down.  What a great friend.
 After finishing painting around 9:30 I realized I had signed up to make a dessert for my company's potluck today.  So I had to stop at the store and then go home and make it.  As a consequence, I'm a zombie today, especially because I had to be in at 6am for a test.  Perfect dessert success, well I'm assuming.

Paula Deen's Pumpkin Bars (w/ buttercream frosting)

Getting to Know Alicia
21. If you could have one superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it first?
My super power would be to compel people to be self aware, even if it's as simple as making them realize they are stupid.  I would definitely abuse this power.  No one would be safe, bwahaha.

22. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years?

  • 5 Years - Pretty much the same, although I will have finally figured out my love life (shut up friends and mom!)  I know certain people in my life think I'm hopeless, have too high of expectations, am a little too crazy, etc.  But, I don't agree, so there.
  • 10 Years - I will be snuggling with my cute kids, one adopted, one biological.  I will be working part time in order to spend time with my babies (a girl can dream right?)
  • 15 Years - I think again, more of the same.  Having fun with my family, still loving my career.
Sorry, that was kind of boring.  It's really hard to say where I'd be, but I do know I love my current life.  I really love my career and it provides enough variety to keep me entertained, and really to move up I'd have to stop doing technical fun things and be a manager and sit behind a desk.  No thanks!

Linking Up
Linking up with some Friday Chaos, I'm hoping it wakes me up.