Bucket List

  1. Travel back to Germany on vacation (not business)
  2. Do an open mic night at a comedy clubs
  3. Visit Maine, to compare the Northwest to the Northeast
  4. Start a blog
  5. Play on 4 different soccer teams at once
  6. Adopt a child
  7. Go skydiving (have the courage, I'm so scared)
  8. Do a half marathon
  9. Go to an all-inclusive resort
  10. Start a small business, preferably a brewery and grill.
  11. Get married in Mexico with a local reception, and stay married
  12. Have a laundry chute installed in one of my homes
  13. Live on a body of water, river/lake/bay.
  14. Have my palm read, or something else silly like that.  Take it to heart.
  15. Learn how to speak another language, even German more than what I know from high school. 
  16. Have a yard and a garden that I actually take care of.
  17. Visit St. Paul Island, AK again. 
  18. Have a "green" house, chardonnay bottle shower tiles, bamboo floors, etc.
  19. Always stay friends with Renee and Mike.


  1. I can tell you that Seattle is waaaaaaaay cooler than maine!

    1. Good to know, but I kinda still want to check it out. I might go this year and see all of the North East.


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