Alicia's Want List

I figure this is an easy place for me to keep track of such a list.  And no I'm not materialistic, but I am full of a family of gift givers.  Right around now, my mom is usually asking me for such a list.  Now she can see it for herself as it progresses.  (Note:  Mom, there are things on here that are unrealistic and too expensive, don't worry I know I'm not getting these.  Just jotting down all the things I want at some point; especially since I'm on a budget.  I can't just run out and buy things like a camera right now.)

  1. Kenra blow dry spray (this stuff is expensive but a miracle worker) 
  2. Girls Season 1
  3. Digital camera
  4. Erin Condren Life Planner
  5. Rachael Ray 20-Piece Little Hoot Flatware Set or the Fiestaware Masquerade set
  6. Wristlet Purse
  7. Pandora charms (clips and regular charms), Star ClipHeart ClipStar CharmDotted Red Murano BeadBead BabushkaBook Charm
  8. Minnetonka moccassins or moccassin boots, El PasoStudded KiltieIbiza Sandals
  9. Sheets (Queen)
  10. Toms, Red UniversityClassic's in Grey
  11. Corkcicle
  12. BB Cream (found at Sephora, any of the brands are fine)
  13. Pressure Cooker (And a strong person to help me open it so I don't have that awk-duck moment like the Iron Chefs or the peeps on chopped)
  14. Facial
  15. Massage