Friday, October 5, 2012

Getting to Know Alicia 4/30, What Would I Tell My 16 Year Old Self

4. List 10 things you would tell your 16 year-old self, if you could.

  1. You should enjoy the ease of making friends in high school.  Cherish those friends you have and make an effort to keep them close.
  2. Those velcro Pumas, although seemed cool, were pretty dorky.  Old man shoes.
  3. Enjoy soccer as much as you can but learn to balance it with enjoying childhood.
  4. Treat your parents with respect no matter how much it makes your stomach turn.
  5. YOU should not under any circumstances try to drive your car through the Taco Bell drive through backwards, even though your window doesn't roll down.  It will not turn out good.
  6. It's okay that your cousin got his license first, you'll graduate college first.  Love you Nathan.
  7. You should take art class even if you're afraid it will ruin your 4.0.
  8. Don't be so anxious to grow up.  I was so disenfranchised with High School my last year, but it made me miss out on my last year of school.  
  9. Stop talking shit.  It's not worth it to be in all the drama.
  10. Try to enjoy college a little more so you don't have to get it out after college.
That was fun, even though my 16 year old self was pretty responsible.  She definitely wanted to rebel a bit.

I've been having a blast playing with Chloe, my niece.  I haven't seen her for two weeks!!  That is too long.  We put on matching owl tattoos, named Buster.  I love that naught naughts!!  Can't wait to cuddle her tonight.

Kendra and I had happy hour to chit-chat about our Washington Blogger meet-up.  It will be November 10th, 11:30-3:30 in Federal Way, come and go as you please.   We'll send out invites soon.  Let me know if you're not on my distribution list.  We can't wait to have a great meat and greet with amazing bloggers.  We're planning door prizes and swag bags, so if you have any suggestions or donations please let me know.

Aah, a relaxing Friday night!