Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin/Party Time With Chloe, Day-Day and Al-Bal

This weekend I had house guests.  My sister, my niece and Daylon.  Although we had some drama at times, a toddler will do that, we had a blast.  Probably, too much fun I would say.  We were going to the pumpkin patch to do all the fun things, like corn mazes and such, but Chloe was naughty.  We ended up buying our pumpkins at Safeway.

Chloe has been telling me about this monkey watch she has for me forever.  She finally brought it, and it fits.   The Paul Frank monkey is so adorbs.  All weekend if someone asked what time it was, Chloe would say, "Aunt Aunts should know she has a watch."  Ha ha.

Power hour!  Every once in a while you need to remember college, right?

Goofy girls!

Chloe woke me up and wanted to do a photo shoot, such an attractive picture.

Okay, I was literally just sitting in this chair hanging out with Carly and Daylon and the leg broke off.  I have two very large bruises and my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard.  It was amazingly hilarious.

Professional picture holder.  

Pumpkin time.

My girly pumpkin, she even has a Monroe!

The 4 very unique, yet traditional pumpkins.

The most ridiculous glasses ever invented.  A must have when found at a thrift store for $.49.

Well, Chloe got her way and was made-over.  Don't worry we didn't let her out of the house like this.  She thought she was hot stuff.
Daylon cooked for us last night and he's vegan, I was really nervous.  But, he made us a pesto pasta that was to die for!  So I guess vegans do eat good food.  I was invited to a friends house for roasted chicken and I was really tempted, but I'm glad I stayed home for Daylon's cooking.