Sunday, October 21, 2012

Painting with Jesse, GOURDS

I got a Living Social voucher for painting at Uncorked Canvas in Tacoma.  It was a great deal, and I was pretty excited that it's close to home.  I also was excited to try out a different company than Corks and Canvas.  I adore Corks and Canvas, I just thought it would be fun to see how others do it and perhaps have a different experience.

Jesse actually paints, but he wanted to get out and do a painting to rekindle his passion for it.  We met up at The Mix, which is a super cute gay bar, for a pre-painting beverage.  At Corks and Canvas, you mingle, drink, eat at the beginning of the event; painting doesn't actually start until an hour into it.  So, I assumed it would be the same but when we walked in at 7:05, everyone was quietly waiting on us.  It was uber awk-duck with everybody waiting on us and it was eerily quiet.  When I do these events I like to have a good time which often equates to being a bit loud, giggly, and vibrant.  The teacher asked us what we wanted to drink and poured us a glass of wine.  My wine was terrible, it tasted like it was old.  Which we came to find out, you get one glass of wine for a 3 hour class and you can't buy more.  I feel like calling the company uncorked canvas is actually hilarious, because you will not be drinking much throughout the night.  Maybe it's called uncorked because the wine sits uncorked for long periods of time.  There was no way we were even going to go through an entire bottle because the class was only 6 people and I think Jesse and I were the only ones that opted to have wine.  I could go on for a while on how disappointing this experience was but I'll get on  and leave you with my final complaint.  They drew in the pumpkins for each student!!!  The nerve of them to assume I can't paint a freaking pumpkin.  This just takes all of the creativity out of it for me.  Oh and don't get me wrong, Jesse and I had a blast despite all the crap. We were noisy and got lots of dirty looks, it was amazing.

 I had to take a picture of Stink for Jesse and Daylon, since they are both vegans.

The Mix had skittles at the bar for the customers enjoyment.  This place won me over immediately when I walked in.

They gave us lots of paint, look I can give compliments.  But would you just take a look at the brushes we got?  What am I supposed to do with these monsters?  I'm a detail girl, I need my small round and flat brushes, okay...

My masterpiece.  My mom actually said it's my best painting yet.  I do like it a lot, but I was too busy being miserable about the experience to enjoy the process.

Jesse, much like Bridget always does, went rogue.  Ha ha, he just did his own thing.  This picture doesn't do it justice at all.  It was truly amazing.

So I will not be giving any more of my time or money to this company, however I definitely want to paint with Jesse more.  I think he needs to teach me blending and layering and techniques for painting on my own. Can you learn creative from someone?