Thursday, January 31, 2013

Excitement is in the Air

Vegas for Daylon's Birthday - Daylon has decided we're going to Vegas for his birthday.  I have a hate, hate relationship with Vegas cause it was my break up trip place.  However, I have complete faith that going with Daylon will completely change my opinion.  We have fun wherever we go; I just hope we make it out alive!  And we are most definitely zip lining through Fremont.

Sugar and Spice and Drinking is Nice Birthday Party - I will be hosting a spicy, sweet birthday party.  There will be spicy cocktails, burn your mouth food and a candy bar.  And it all takes place at Panty Droppers of course.  Can't wait to celebrate with all of my amazing friends.

Coed Passion Party - My friend Yolande is hosting a coed Passion Party this weekend.  Who knows what treasures I will come away with.  I'll definitely fill you in after the party.  I just hope the boys behave.

Renee and Mike's Bun in the Oven - My besties, Renee and Mike, are about to pop out another little one!  I'm crossing my fingers for a girl, but they get mad when I say that.  I just want to dress a girl; it's so much more fun.  Girls are more cuddly too.

I'm excited about two other things, but in fear of cursing them, I'm holding off on sharing.  In due time I will come clean.

Oh Boy Oberto Kicks Ass

For some reason my desire and ability to blog just shut off for the last couple of months.  I'm pretty sure it started when my Secret Santa Swap partner didn't send me anything.  Not that I needed a gift, but I felt gypped by not being able to even link up because I had nothing to blog about.  I could have blogged about the gift I sent, but I thought that would be weird.  I'll link you to my recipients post just for shits and giggle, Adventures in the Fort. Woe is me...  I'll stop complaining now and start bragging!  I have something delicious to share with you.  

Oberto's jerky made the Consumer Reports for the best tasting jerky!!  Both of Oberto's brands made the top category, Oh Boy Oberto and Pacific Gold.

You may or may not know, but Jack Link's is Oberto's biggest competitor.  Jack Link's is a powerhouse, with tons of capacity and power to run the jerky show.  The problem is that their product sucks.  We do cuttings (tastings) every Monday morning and it's so clear that Jack Link's is gross.  It's dry, tasteless and tough, especially compared to Oberto.  To have Consumer Reports confirm this fact, is pretty exciting and great for my company of course.  It is extremely cool that a small (compared to Jack Link's), family owned company can make it to the top.  The owners still come to the plant on a fairly regular basis.

Art "Oh Boy" Oberto
The overall message is that jerky isn't amazing for you, but definitely 100 times better than meat sticks.  And Oberto got a big thumbs up because there aren't additives, it's All-Natural.  Jerky is a good source of protein, you just have to beware of the sodium.

It's been real blogger world.  I'm hopefully back!  I'm going to a passion party this weekend, so I know I'll have amazing stuff to blog about;)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Flowers and Beer, Oh Yeah

Amazing Friends

Well, I've been down in the dumps lately, just feeling down.  I can explain a lot of it, but it still was quite unexpected since I've been very happy and having the time of my life lately.  And when I was down, I was quickly reminded how amazing my life is and how I should be quite happy.  I have amazing friends; I'm so lucky.  Tyler had flowers sent to my work and of course they had lilies in them, my favorite.  I've actually only had flowers sent to me at work by my mom, with the exception of a guy after a first date (but he was a loser). When I went to pick them up from the receptionist, I assumed that they were from mom. It was super exciting to see that they were from Tyler, and although my face turned red, I was overjoyed.

The day just got better from there.  I opened the door and there was Melissa with all of my favorite beverages.  I would have been happy with just hanging with her, but I got 4 bonuses, ha ha.

My woe is me attitude sure didn't last long!

Hanging with the Johnson brothers!  Had an amazing Mexican dinner and bar-hop night with Daylon and Derrick.

Catching Up

Melissa invited me to join her for her work holiday party, which happened to be my old company.  I actually still have a good relationship with a lot of the my old coworkers, so I was pretty excited.  They mixed it up this year and threw it at a bowling alley; which made it super casual.  We had to come adorned in our favorite sports gear.  We searched up and down for Sounders jerseys but they're all pretty scarce.  We ended up getting Husky gear, which is great since I am a Husky.  I had such a great time visiting with people, even some that I wasn't that close with when I worked there  There was one exception, and that was the "wicked witch of the pancakes."  I went over to this woman to say hi, be cordial, since we used to work in the same department.  She snubbed me so hardcore; I don't think anyone has been that rude to me before.  I mean, I guess I shouldn't have expected anything different, but I still get really shocked when I'm treated poorly.

Tyler and my mom were our designated drivers, how sweet is that.  They picked us up and of course it was after party time.

Massage Time

Okay pervs, no you're not getting a picture:)  Ha ha.  I've been having this terrible neck situation, which is completely linked to stress.  So I decided today was time for a massage, cause last time I had something similar the doctor couldn't help me.  It was a pretty decent massage today, with the exception of a skipping cd.  I always have weird situations though, I must tell you.  One lady kept whispering in my ear, "I'm going to make you feel good", "just relax, leave yourself in my hand."  It was so freaking creepy!!!  Another lady, totally straddled me and massaged my hands really weird, like she was holding them. Massages are amazing, but there is something so awkward about stripping down and having somebody caressing you.  The massages on the beach in Mexico are a lot more low key.  Although there is the awkward moment when you have to pull your swimsuit down out in the open on the beach; so worth it.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nothing Sadder Than Waking Xmas Morning and Being an Adult!

I long for the days that I couldn't sleep because I was so freaking excited for Christmas morning.  Growing up is not what I once thought it would be. Me and my sister would both be so giddy all night, giggling.  We'd wake up as early as 2 am, sneak out and open our stockings.  My mom (I mean Santa) would always bring us a note pad and pens so we could write notes to each other and play MASH.  My mom is just as bad as we are and would often wake up and come watch us open our stockings.  Then the three of us would stare at the clock and anxiously await 5 am so we could wake up dad.  This year we sent my niece in to jump on Papa's head.  Ha ha, she was so scared.  We were not scared of waking up dad on Christmas, we waited long enough.

Hunter, my cutie nephew!
My mom ordered me this super cute ornament set; it's tools.
Alison and I just loved this dress (PUKE)!
She's so cute.  I love my Chloe:)  In line waiting for Santa.
Flawless pic!  A fake smile, but she learned it from her Aunt Aunts.
Aunt Aunts cuddling with Landon, the newest addition. 
Chloe looks so excited (or not.)
Chloe and her momsky, opening stockings.  Al-Bal and I did a stocking for each other.
The older cousins (well the second to oldest group).  I'm glad they like each other.  Not everyone fights like me and Nathan (my cousin who is 9 days younger than me).  We always come around though, eventually.
Because I was missing Ty Ty's Xmas eve dinner where his uncle makes twice baked potatoes every year, I talked mom into making me twice baked tators.  Well of course I helped.
Ty Ty's mom got me the cutest owl things.  Wine tastes so much better when you're drinking out of a cute glass.
Although I struggled to get in the Xmas spirit this year, I still loved it of course.  There is nothing better than having an excuse to see your family. In fact, I felt like my family was a lot more loving and excited to see each other this year.  It was the first year without my Grandma Hughley and happily my grandpa and my mom hung in there and enjoyed themselves.  My grandma would want us to celebrate and have a good family bonding experience.

And to leave you with a random question.  Why is there catnip in the children's tea?

Wow Somebody Needs a Happy Meal, ME!

So I just plain haven't felt like blogging FOREVER.  I'm kind of in a "poor me" mood, however, the bright side is I feel like blogging and I have so much fun stuff to blog about.  Warning, the following will be super random...

I LOVE MY FRIENDS, all of you!  I'm so happy for your unconditional support and love.  You always want what's best for me and what makes me happy, and I love you for that.

Photo-bombed by Smell Bell.

Cookie Day!  It has been an ongoing tradition for however long my mom was a child. And I've turned it into an adult drinking party, yeah buddy.  Gary even made me a Ron Jeremy cookie, ha ha!

Jesse and Daylon doing some chocolate molding.
Renee and Mike got me treats that are really me, wine stuff! That wine topper is definitely not from Texas!
We went to the Seahawks, and Randos wanted to touch us! 
My friend Melissa, surprised me with this amazing gem of a gift. I love creepy things!

 I was going to go on with random other things that make me happy, but this is making me smile!  I am satisfied with staring at these amazing people's faces.