Friday, October 19, 2012

The Energizer Bunny! And Chloe Time.

My mom calls me the Energizer Bunny, because no matter what I keep on going.  I'll come home from work when she's staying over and say, "let's go do something."  She responds with, "don't you want to rest for a bit?"  Heck no.  I just wonder if one day I'll crash...  This whole week, I've been going every single day.  In fact when I am home, my cat is so mad at me that she attacks me.  A consequence of my business is my neglecting of my beautiful blog.  And it really stresses me out, but I can't really cancel plans because of have blogger guilt for not posting.

Let me catch up by answering some more questions from the Thirty Things.  Ooh looks like I get to brag about myself a bit.

14. Describe 5 strengths you have.
15. If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
16. What are your 5 greatest accomplishments?

5 Strengths

  1. My "Git-R-Done" mentality.  And by the way, I hate that phrase, but it just describes me so perfectly. Whether it's at work or in life, I just like to get stuff done, and do it well of course.  It has really helped me be competitive and earn great respect in my career.  I think my friends know they can come to me if they need anything as well.
  2. My open mind.  My friends call me the "voice of reason".  I'm able to have a non-biased view of their situations so I can tell them who's in the right or wrong.  It's a pretty big job, but I LOVE IT!!!
  3. My love I'm able to give.  Just look at my niece.  I'm always the favorite and always will be and it's because she feels my love.  Some would argue it's because I spoil her, but I don't buy it.  Everybody spoils her, and I'm still the favorite.
  4. My Ability to Find Fun.  I just always am looking for adventures.  I also think I can turn a pretty boring thing into something fun and exciting.
  5. My stability.  I think I'm a rock for my friends and family.  I'm pretty much an amazing friend.  I'm totally not cocky;)

I would be an Ostrich!!  They're so funny.  In fact just typing the word, makes me laugh.  They seem like they have a lot of fun.  Okay, please watch this commercial; it makes me cry laughing every single time.

5 Accomplishments

  1. Graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering.  I look back and am just shocked that I did it.  It was so freaking hard.
  2. Lived in Texas on my own.  I used to freak out when I'd go to soccer and horse camp because I missed my family so much.  Even in college, I would go home every weekend.  I'm super close to my family and often depended on their company.  I'm very proud that I made a life for myself in Texas and actually came away with amazing friends that I still see several times a year.  And it's been 5 years; those are good friends.
  3. Being a systems integrator.  My last job, I worked as a systems integrator, doing controls work for multiple customers.  It was something I've always wanted to do but wasn't really sure if I could do it.  I proved that I could, granted I quit after a year.  But, it wasn't because I was bad at it.  I just didn't like working for so many different customers, traveling all of the time.  I like being a part of a plant, where I encounter issues and have a hand in solving them.  It's nice to know I could go back there at any time and do that work again; it was exciting.  
  4. Being artistic.  Blogging and painting have made me feel a lot more artistic, letting me tap into the other side of my brain.
  5. That's it...  I mean, I could say just my career in general, but I don't know.  I'm sick of talking about myself.
I'd rather talk about Chloe!  She's coming to stay with me this weekend, along with my sis and Daylon!  Oh there goes my over use of exclamation points again.  Chloe time:

AAAH!  So excited to cuddle this little thing.  It's good being back my lovely blog.