Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oktoberfest, Sounders, and Friends Oh My

I've been neglecting my blog...  I feel so overwhelmed and can't quite realize why.  Oh yeah, because I'm a crazy person and have to be busy all of the time.  I have plans back to back to back.  And, it's not like I leave any time for myself or to sleep or to do chores.  Fun is way more important.  I must share the amazing things that I did this weekend.

Oktoberfest Party Cruise with Bridge
Her actual name is Bridget, but I just really like to shorten it.  Besides, she calls me Leesh, which she got from my cousin, Nathan.  I pretty much stole Bridge from Nathan.  What can I say, she's that cool and I have a slight issue with taking things.

I got to the waterfront early so ended up at Lecosho for pre-party drinks.  Had to try the Boulevard beer, but it was no hefeweizen (Boulevard's hef is delishy-bomb).  I then switched to the amazing Tieton Cider.  It's a drier cider, which makes me really happy.  Bridge showed up and we slammed our beers, signed our waivers and headed to the boat.

This was my second Living Social Adventure event.  Long story short, same as last time, there were a lot of D-bags.  But, that didn't ruin our time, because Bridge and I can always have a good time.  Note our pretzel necklaces; I crafted those for us.  We did meet this cute gay couple, of course, that we got along with.  But, turns out they were on their first date.  Who has a first date on 2.5hr boat that you can't leave?  One was more into the other, so it was a bit awk-duck.  They were fun boys and pretty much the only people we hung out with.  

Sounders Game with Daylon
Daylon has been wanting to go to a Sounders game with me and his younger brother for a while now.  We had one scheduled and then, whoops Daylon was actually going to be in California.  Oh my, he does this quite a bit, all I can do is laugh.  One time he called and said let's go to this concert; so we booked tickets right away.  10 minutes later he called back and said, "I forgot I'm throwing a surprise birthday party for my best friend, sorry."  Ha ha ha ha!  Luckily we got refunds with no issues; well it was about a 1/2 hour hold time with Ticket master.  Silly, silly Daylon.  I got an email offering me $10 tix, so I bought 3 thinking we could go.  Then when it came time to it, Daylon decided we should invite his older brother since he can go to bars with us.  Poor Drew.  Then at the last minute, his older brother couldn't go.  So we were on our own, which is just fine.  

The most fun was the pre-party for sure.  You bar hop your way around, drink PBR and Rainier so you're good and ready to cheer on the Sounders.  Daylon had his mind set on finding $2 beers so we kept walking further and further.  We pretty much ended up in Downtown and it turned out the first place we were at, right next to the stadium was the cheapest, ha ha!  Love it.  Our seats were a little scary, I have to admit.  I haven't been in the nose-bleeds at Century Link before.  We were almost at the top and I really was anxious.  I thought I was going to trip and fall down many, many stairs.  It was pretty creepy, but I survived.  And the Sounders WON!!  Woo hoo.

Do any of my readers understand the draw to Rainier or PBR?  I'll have to explain in another post.