Monday, October 15, 2012

October Blog Angel Reveal!

This is my first time joining the Blog Angel Project, have you heard of it?  It's basically an opportunity for bloggers to secretly help each other out and spread the blog-tastic love.  The brains behind the operation is Rosemarie over at Craftbotic and she amazes you with the amount of work she puts in to match up so many bloggers.  


I was really skeptical about joining Blog Angels because I'm fairly new.  I felt like I wouldn't be able to make an impact.  One of my fellow bloggers, Celeste @ Crazy Beautiful Life urged me to not worry about it and go for it.  Even just being loyal and commenting frequently brightens a blogger's day.  And now to the reveal, drum roll please...

The beautiful and hilarious, Jen Herron from That's What She Read

I was excited to have been paired with Jen, since I'm an avid reader.  But, much to my surprise she provides a lot more than just book reviews and recommendations; her blog is sprinkled with both hilarity and true honesty.  I think everyone can relate to her on many levels.

So far, my help has been in the form of reading her posts and commenting on them.  I also added her to my "The Coolest" sidebar, where I put my sponsors.  The most amazing part about our match-up was that I had the opportunity to be her 100th GFC follower!  How do the stars align so perfectly; must be the magic of the Blog Angels Project.  I'm looking forward to the 2nd half, where we can chat openly and perhaps do some additional collaboration.

My favorite part about Jen's blog is that she is blogging for herself; it is her outlet.  That is exactly how I feel. We all want followers and comments, but for me I'm doing it for myself.  It's my own virtual diary or scrapbook, or as Jen puts it her, "Blog Sweet Blog".

Woo, what a relief to not have to keep this secret any longer; looking forward to chatting with Jen openly from here on out.