Thursday, August 30, 2012

Weekend Wanderings - September 1st-3rd

The weekly post that provides my readers with all the cool happenings around Seattle for the upcoming weekend.  You will have no excuse to not get out and make memories.

Saturday, Sunday & Monday, September 1st-3rd
Bumbershoot – Be there or be square; it's pretty much mandatory for Seattle-ites to attend this event (unless you happen to be out of town).  A couple of years ago I was at the top of the space needle during the festival, what a sight to see.  See the must see artists below, in my opinion of course. I will be very jealous.

  • 11am-11pm all days @ Seattle Center
  • There are an array of ticket options ranging from any single day to the whole 3 days.  $45-$125 advanced price.  Go to Rudy's and skip out on ticket fees.
  • Artists you MUST checkout for me:
    • Awolnation
    • Jane's Addiction (for old time's sake)
    • Gotye
    • Passion Pit
    • The Promise Ring
    • JOHN WATERS!  Holy shit!

What I'll Be Doing In Kansas City and Texas...
I'm going to visit my besties for a whole 8 days; it is guaranteed to be a blast and make up for the fact that I'm missing Bumbershoot.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Zulily Obsession

I believe I've traded in my obsession with Fab for an obsession with Zulily. Before I would only shop Zulily for clothes and shoes for Chloe, but then I purchased my infamous tunic and realized that they have amazing women's clothes. I went a little crazy today.

Dily Black Owl Dress - $17.99, I haven't had anything this quirky since my Jetson's capris that I got at The Red Light in the U-District back in high school.

I know I have an addiction to deal shopping.  But, I swear, I need more shirts.  If you see me buy jeans then you can perform an intervention, deal?

If you haven't checked out Zulily yet, you need to. Secretly I want others to share my obsession so I don't feel as bad.

August Birchbox Product Review

I’ve finally had a chance to try out all of my Birchbox goodies.  It was a 3 out of 5 success for August.

LiQWd Professional Volumizing Catalyst – Equipped with high-tech moisturizers, this weightless mist adds serious body to flat locks, Full-size, $22.
Review:  I’m not an authority on hair care at all.  I often wear my hair up because I work in food manufacturing and have to wear a hair net everyday.  It does smell delicious and I like that it didn’t make my hair oily looking.Thumbs up

Dr. Jart + Waterfuse BB Cream – This four-in-one moisturizer, serum, sunscreen, and skin-perfecting tint is the beauty version of a Swiss Army Knife, Full-size, $32.
Review:  I will be buying this!  It evens out my skin while providing sunscreen and moisturizer, which is a must for me!  I love the Dr. Brandts Pore No More but it’s $45 for 1 oz.  This stuff is a steal at $32 for 1.7 ounces; and it works just as good.Thumbs up

Larabar Uber, Apple Turnover – Consider these wholesome bars brain fuel: they’re packed with fruits and nuts, Pack of 5, $9.
Review: This bar was a delicious snack.  I wish I had a bigger one.  It’s the perfect combo of dried fruit and nuts.Thumbs up

Juicy Couture, Viva La Juicy, La Fleur – This modern scent is a feminine blend of wild berries, mandarin, ad waterlily, Fulll-size, $70.
Review:  This smell is very lovely, but a little too grandma-ish.  I apparently look really young, but I don’t think smelling old would fix that situation.  I will continue to wear this occasionally until the sample is gone but wouldn’t purchase a full size bottle.Thumbs down

DDF Brightening Cleanser – This foaming gel uses an all-star team of skin brighteners to fade discoloration and even out skin tone, Full-size, $38
Review:  This cleanser stinks, literally!  It has a really disgusting smell.  I do like the way it makes my skin feel, it probably would work to brighten my face if used on a consistent basis.  However, my skin dries easily and this made it worse.Thumbs down

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fat Kid Rules the World...Movie Time

I was reading the Stranger yesterday and ran across an ad for the movie, Fat Kid Rules the World.  It was directed by Matthew Lillard, sound familiar?  Yeah he was in Scream, and before that in one of my faves, Serial Mom.  It was based on a novel by K.L. Goings.  It was playing at Siff Uptown Theater, in the Queen Anne Hill Neighborhood.  SIFF, is the Seattle International Film Festival; although the festival only lasts May to June, you can still enjoy amazing films year around.

I met up with Tyler at Pesos, which is always a good time.  Delicious chips and salsa and a nice Dos Equis is a perfect after work combo.  We hopped on to Ten Mercer for happy hour wine.  I had a delicious slider small plate to tide me over.  It was $5 glasses of wine, anything on the menu.  
We then found our dinner location, The Spectator.  It was incredible!  I ordered "The Dip" with tots.  And again they had an amazing happy hour, with cheap drinks and wine.

The Review:
Poor Troy Billings, son of a police officer who holds him to the same athletic standards as his younger skinny brother.  The film actually starts out with Troy stepping out in front of a Seattle Metro bus.  Luckily, a punk, somewhat homeless kid saves his life.  The kid that saves his life is Marcus.  Marcus is a punk rock kid who bullies and manipulates Troy into handing over cash, being his friend and being his drummer in his new band. The synopsis said the band was supposed to give Troy a new confidence but that was not what I saw.  But, Troy does change and become more daring for sure.  Overall, the film was extremely honest in it's portrayal of Troy's life.  I did really enjoy the movie.  I expected a bit more in the ending, but it was satisfying.

I did get some sweet swag from the movie and one of the sponsors, Biscuit Bitch.

What a fun Tuesday night!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Costco Confessionals and a Police Chase

I have a Costco addiction, perhaps that is why I've been avoiding going to Costco for the last two months, even though we were out of cat food, garbage bags, canned corn, chicken and ground turkey.  These are staples in our household.  I can't go in without spending over $100 and often times it is more like $250.  Costco is just so great; they have the best stuff.  My eyes lit up today when I saw this Indian Simmer Sauce! I can't wait to try it out, it came with two tikka masalas and one korma curry.  My absence brought on lots of tasty things, they also had tomato basil bisque!  Sounds like a great lunch to me.  

I actually worked out today, for the first time in weeks.  I was so proud of myself, I felt really good and wasn't dying!  I even ate crappy today.  What it made me realize is if I got my discipline back I could be an athlete once again.  I did sign up to play on a soccer team for Fall season, but I need to get in shape.  I can do it.

Glam Bag:
On to the next addiction...monthly subscriptions.  I just signed up for the waiting list to get a monthly Glam Bag.  I discovered it and have decided I must try it out.  Unlike the Birchbox, you get 4 or 5 full sized products instead of samples.  It's still $10 a month.  I discovered it on Hello Miss Niki's Blog; the fragrance sounds amazing and the nail polish color is to die for.

Chocolate Molding Supplies:
Last night I ordered a couple of supplies to get started chocolate molding.  I got an owl mold, suckers sticks, oil based food dyes and squeeze bottles.  After taking the chocolate molding class with Chelsea, it made me want to do it at home.  Possibly have a chocolate molding party around Christmas time.  
I attempted my first painting at home last night.  Tyler bought all of the supplies last week, easels, acrylic paints and brushes.  The experience was so relaxing and frustrating at the same time.  It is challenging but in the end I was so happy with my final product.  I've now got offers to sell two of my paintings!  Of course they were friends and family and I'll be giving them away for one penny...  I have to be able to say I've sold two paintings after all.  It is so exciting to have some creative juices flowing while being an Engineer; I feel like I'm crossing all kinds of boundaries.  Being an Engineer is definitely creative as well, just in a very different way.  There really isn't anything abstract about it, but there are multiple ways to go about something.
Police Chase:
On our way home from Costco all of a sudden there were people seemingly playing tag in the road.  Then all of sudden we realized it was someone running from a bike cop.  I was immediately freaked out; the thought that went through my head was that we would be shot.  After all I do live in Federal Way.  Then we saw the bike cop finally catch the guy, the guy being pursued finally went to the ground willingly, and then the cop tased him.  It seemed a bit weird to me that the tasing happened after the guy gave in, but whatever. Then I looked the other way and another bike cop was chasing another guy.  It was craziness, gave me chills.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Day at Pike Place Market, Perfect Ending

First stop was at Mirch Masala, on Capital Hill, to make up for the disgusting, bland excuse for Indian food that we had last night.  That is the danger of Living Social and Groupon; those groups don’t hand pick the best, any business that wants to put a voucher out is free to do so.  I have now learned my lesson to check places out before I get too excited.  Today’s lunch was amazing!  The perfect level of spicy.  The garlic, basil naan was so perfect.
We were headed up to the market and ran across the shop where you meet to go on Market Ghost Tours & Espresso; the sign outside caught my eye, salted caramel lattes.  As we were chatting with the guy, I noticed he had a Captain Spaulding T-shirt.  I adore the Rob Zombie movies, House of 1000 Corpses and he Devils Rejects.  He said he’s met the entire cast of the movie and met Captain Spaulding twice. I had goose bumps; I was star struck for some reason, ha ha.  He told us about a horror film convention that he hosts Memorial Day Weekend every year, Crypticon.  I might have to check it out in 2013.
Devils Rejects

Now of to the gum wall; haven’t been there in a couple of years.
We picked up some jalapeno bread from the bakery for our pulled pork, and some zucchini and yellow squash as a side.  We then strolled along picked up a few more things, BBQ sauce, tamarind paste and checked out the street performers aka buskers.
As we headed down to the waterfront we found a cute French shop.  I picked up some amazing chevre cheese and a cucumber soda. Ever since I had some cucumber water a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been craving more cucumber.  Then my friend won after entering his cucumber wine in the State Fair.  The soda was really great, perfectly refreshing and the right amount of sweet.  We sipped the soda as we strolled to the waterfront to get some ice cream and check out the sights.
The market was a perfect ending to a weekend, I had so many adventures with my family and Tyler this weekend.
Pigs and Pipes with my dad:


Margs with my mom:2012-08-25_17-01-14_226
Cal’s with Tyler, it was ladies night, all bitch drinks half off:
I hope you all had fantastic weekends as well!  I feel so refreshed.  One week of work then a week off to spend with my bestest friends of all times in Texas.