Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What's in My Last Purse

I was cleaning my room today, which was very overdue.  I still had a suitcase that was not unpacked from my Texas/Chicago trip two weeks ago.  I've been having to run downstairs, hoping no one sees my nude butt as I run by my window on the stairwell, every morning to get clothes to wear.  My clothes were folded, they just never made it upstairs to my room.  Freaking townhouse and it's three levels.  I was freaking out today about the fact that I haven't seen my passport in a while, therefore I decided to look through my pile of purses, sure that I ditched a purse quickly to change into something quick that matched and was convenient for the occasion.

Let me just give you some insight to the things that I found, it was like going down memory lane:
  • Olympia Brewfest memories- There are coasters, a punch card, a map and cool Ram bottle cap magnets.  Memories of the entire night are coming back including:  hanging with mom and Ty Ty, someone getting a little tipsy, me getting a good deal on tastes, pretzel necklaces, the grilled cheese food truck and lots of tasty beer!  I even almost broke a couple up because I gave away my extra pretzel necklace to a dude, that apparently had a very jealous girlfriend.  Ut oh.
  • Aviators - I always forget my sunglasses at home, so pretty much whenever I go out when it's sunny, my first stop is to buy sunglasses.
  • MY PASSPORT - Yay, I was freaking out.
  • A piece of engineering paper - Nerdbomber!!
  • Box Cutter - Creeper, or Nerdbomber??
  • My poop air freshener - One of my FAB purchases.  I need to whip this out and smell the roses.
  • Business cards - Yeah when I was at the packaging show in Chicago I ran out of cards and everyone was asking for them, woops.  Well they would've just sent me a bunch of line cards and sales questions.  Bleh, I hate salesmen.
  • Various jewelry - Well, I can't wear jewelry to work, so often times I'll have it on and then have to whip it off into my purse when I realize it's time to go out on the production floor.  It's a bummer, I really like jewelry.
  • GO OBERTO!  Anyone want a magnet?  Ha ha.  
Ha ha, so this was a poster I found crumpled up in my purse. It's an amazing poster and it would be such an amazing addition to Panty Droppers.  But, there was no way to preserve it, I guess.

The elusive purse.  I love my Miche bag!  Although I picked the middle size, aka the middle child, that doesn't offer as many covers as the others.  Bummer.
What's the most funny thing in your purse or wallet today?