Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Crystal Lies -- Book Review

My IPad was temporarily broken, so I halted my journey down the Game of Thrones path to read an actual, physical non electric book.  Whoa!  It was actually really nice when I was flying, because I didn't have to halt reading for take off and landing.  My mom handed me a stack of books and highly recommended this one; it hits close to home for my family.  Both on the co-dependency topic as well as addiction.
This book was an emotional read for me; page turning for sure.  I felt like I could relate to the main character, Glennis, who was the mother of a meth addict.  Because she cares so much and feels responsible for the downward spiral of her sons life, she totally ignores her own needs and spends her time worrying and trying to get her son to get help.  It takes you through the journey of how she learns to take care of herself and understand that there is nothing she can do to fix her son.  He has to get help when he is ready.  She finally turns Jacob over to God and begins to take care of her self.  It's realistic though, she never stops worrying, how could she.  She just gains the patience and strength to let things play out.  In the meantime she has an asshole, cheating husband that refuses to take any responsibility for how he has caused issues with the family.

This book is a good read, however very emotional and heart breaking.  Now back to Game of Thrones, prostitutes, dragons, boobies and beheadings.

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