Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Blog Angel Recap

I'm a first timer to Blog Angels and I really enjoyed it as a way to get to know more people.  Throughout the month it was really fun to have some added traffic to my blog as well as to have a new blogger to follow and get to know.

I'm proud to present to you once again my new found blogger friend, Jen from That's What She Read.

I really couldn't have been paired with a better blogger.  She's freaking hilarious, so everyday when I go visit her blog she has me cracking up sometimes to the point of tears.  I've helped her out by commenting when she cracks me up and promoting her wherever I could.  We both have a joint interest in wine tasting, so hopefully we can do some blog post swapping in the near future.  But, this lady is busy!!  I look forward to having her be part of my favorite blogs from here on out.  
My Angel, Alex from Army Wife, Mommy Life!  

Army Wife, Mommy Life

She has been a true angel, following me and commenting frequently.  She also swapped buttons with me to help promote my blog.  Alex (Alejandra) is a dedicated military wife and mother of two adorable little girls.  I look forward to continue to be blogging buddies from here on out.  Thanks ALEX, you rock!

I do think this experience has been fulfilling from a promotional stand point, but most importantly I think I've made some great connections that will last beyond this event.