Sunday, August 19, 2012

Olympia Brewfest @ Port Plaza

My original plan was to go to the Everett Craft Beer Festival.  My cousins were even coming up from Brush Prairie, WA to attend.  But, unfortunately I had to work on Saturday.  My company is remodeling their admin building, and because I’m an Engineer, I get to babysit contractors when they’re painting, laying carpet and whatever else.  It’s not like I had to work, just be there, so I could catch up on blogging.  But, I missed all my family at the Everett Fest.  So, since the Olympia one was on until 10PM, I came home rounded up Tyler and my mom and we headed that way.  I was excited because this one was right on the water at the Port of Olympia. 


The Deal:  $30 for a tasting cup and six tastes.  Then you could buy additional tastes for $6, six more tastes.  These people poured liberally.  There were so many drunk people; falling over and still being served.  It was great people watching.

2012-08-18_18-45-19_434 (2)

Guy Fieri Hair: You wouldn’t believe how many people I see sporting this ridiculous hat/fake hair whatever you call it.  I always have to snap a picture.

2012-08-18_18-52-20_378 (2)
2012-08-18_18-52-32_489 (2)

The Eats: Fish Tale Brewery had a food booth, and they were selling this salmon.  I was so impressed with the method that they were cooking it, however I didn’t try any.  I’m not a huge salmon fan.  But, you better believe I had a mini salted caramel cupcake!  It was so mouthgasmic.

2012-08-18_19-42-03_642 (2)
2012-08-18_19-41-57_681 (2)

The Venue:  It was such a beautiful place because of the water.  It got a bit crowded by the beer booths, but only because it was damn good beer.  Other than that, there was plenty of open space to mingle and stretch out your beer drinking arm.  The observation deck was open to all to enjoy an overhead view.

2012-08-18_20-01-15_790 (2)

The Shitter:  I’m not a huge fan of port-o-potties, but I have to say these were quite clean.  Look at the last service record, cracked me up.

2012-08-18_19-15-24_649 (2)

The Company:  Mom and Tyler enjoying some delish beers.  I think all of our favorite was the Spire Dark & Dry, which you can get at Fish Tale.  It’s amazing because it’s not too sweet and the perfect amount of dry.

2012-08-18_19-41-47_421 (2)

Coming Up: Oktoberfest, Saturday, September 29th, 4-10PM.  I’m so there.


Missed Out: Sadly I missed hanging out with my fam in Everett.  They even had pretzel necklaces!  GENIUS!  I always forget to make these before attending such events.  Featured in the above photo are:  Charlie (my uncle), Fabian (my dad), Nathan (my twin cousin), Michelle (my aunt), and Doug and Ivy (kinda cousins but definitely good friends).  And of course Liesel aka Lilo was shooting this photo.

Now off to the horse races (Emerald Downs) with Marissa and Josh.



  1. Oh, have fun at Emerald Downs! I'm envious- I've been wanting to go for 4 years. :)

  2. Thanks Beth! I had a blast. I will be re-capping in a blog post today, of course.


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