Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Chocolate Molding

Back in August my friend Chelsea and I took a chocolate molding class.  We were both a little nervous about it but it turned out to be pretty easy, super fun and then delicious when it was time to eat our creations.   I decided I was going to get the supplies to do this at home and throw a chocolate molding party for my friends around the holidays.  I've been slowly picking up supplies, and today I placed my final order.  I can't wait to get my friends together to create delicious treats that can be simply enjoyed or cutely packaged up and given away as gifts.


Owl sucker mold; you know I had to get this one.
The various Christmas themed molds that I ordered.
Melting Chocolate -- Unless you are a true chocolate maker you need to make sure you get the temper-free chocolate melts; it's the same melts that are used for cake pops.  All you must do then is melt down in order to get into the dispensers and then keep on a warm water bath so it doesn't harden.

Bada Bing Bada Boom - Most people who try this can't tell the difference between  this melt and high end tempered chocolates.  I purchased dark, milk and white chocolate.  The white can be mixed with coloring to make any color under under the sun.
Tools and Accessories

Oil Based Chocolate Coloring - I'll probably have to  pick up some more Christmas-y colors.
Sugar Based Metallic Dust - This makes your piece look amazing and festive.  
Sucker Sticks
Chocolate Dispenser.  You fill up several of these so a whole group of people can be working.  You cut different shapes/widths on the cap to control the flow of the chocolate that you are adding to the mold.
Luckily I already have an electric skillet, this serves as the warm water bath.

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What holiday baking, crafts or present making do you do each year?  Are you planning anything new this season?