Monday, November 19, 2012

Seattle Sounders Ole!

Daylon and I trekked through the sideways rain to go see our lovely Sounders attempt to make it to the finals.  They had to wine 4-0 to win, which was a pretty big task.

Pre-Game Party Time - We got off the bus in Chinatown and it was of course my thought to check out a bar there, you can't go wrong with Chinese restaurant bars.  They always have the stiffest drinks.  I think Daylon was a little skeptical, probably for good reason.  As we're approaching there was a very obvious drug deal going on; they didn't seem at all worried about hiding it.  This place was chocked full of crazies and homeless people.  We weren't the only soccer fans in the bar, but probably the only normal ones.  Oh wait, we're not normal, what am I saying?  We had our drink, played some pull tabs and proceeded to throw the pull tabs onto the ground, because that is what everyone else was doing.  After the Chinatown bar, we headed down to Pioneer square.  We found a non-busy place called Double Header; unfortunately it wasn't busy because the service is terrible.  The lady just walked by us and proceeded to put away glasses, talk to other people.  Lame sauce, we finally got a drink.  Some lady in the bathroom told me that the reason that bar got it's name was because it was one of the first places in the area to get both a men's and women's restroom.  I haven't verified, but I like the story.  After Double Header, we walked by several other super crowded places and ended up at the bar that was attached to the Courtyard Marriott and it was HAPPY HOUR!  This place was quite possibly a little too relaxed however it was super cheap and they had amazing appy's for us to snack on.  SNACK ATTACK.  Because we had a doozy of a night the prior night, this place may have made us a bit sleepy ty ty.  But, nothing that the roar of the Sounders fans, the rain in our face and more beer couldn't handle.  We woke the F up on the walk, well more like a walk-run, over to the stadium.
Double Header, beer drinking time.
I've seen peanuts on the floor but pull tabs?  A bit weird; not sure what kind of marketing strategy this was.
Well, the marketing strategy obviously worked , we played some tabs.
Hummus plate with Kalamata Olive dip.  I LOVE cucumbers.
Garlic fries.
Jalapeno poppers; one of my faves.
Game Time - Go Sounders!!
They scored right after the first 10 minutes!!  They really were dominating.  
After they scored, Daylon and I both thought we were having an earthquake.  My beer was shaking so violently and spilling all over my shoes and purse.  It was pretty incredible.  I love Sounders fans.
We got new hats, matchy matchy.
 The Sounders ended up winning 2-1, it really was an amazing game.  The refs did make some bad calls, Galaxy got their goal due to a handball in the box and a PK.  I would argue (don't kill me Sounders fans) that the ref made bad calls the effected both sides.  And even if Galaxy didn't get that PK, would we have scored 4 points??  I'm not so sure.  My biggest complaint is that people are all upset, but we WON!!  Why can't we be excited that we made it this far and we won??  Let's be mad about the point system and the equation to get to the finals.  My 2 cents, for whatever it's worth.  Daylon and I decided last night that we were going to look into season tickets for 2013.  I put down a deposit on two seats; I'll get to select them in December.  I'm not usually the biggest sports watcher, but all the games I've gone to this year were so much fun.

My favorite part about Sounders games is the $10 beers!  Bwahahaha.