Friday, November 16, 2012

PEE WEE!! Crazy, Bizarre Raffle Night

My friend Marissa and I have been frequenting Pee Wee Tavern for some time now, a little over a year in fact.  We stumbled upon this hole in the wall gem one day when we were out thrift store shopping.  They do a free raffle every Thursday night, and a potluck the third Thursday of the month.  This is a cash only, beer and wine only, one pool table, everybody knows your name type of bar.  Last night was the most outrageous, amazing time at Pee Wee's yet, but it's ALWAYS a good time.

I brought my friend Melissa with me for her first experience.  I tried to warn her about it ahead of time.  She asked what to wear, I just laughed and told her you can show up in sweats, a garbage bag, whatever.  She decided she wanted to dress cute so she could get a drink bought for her; again I laughed and told her that there is probably no one there she'd want a drink from and most likely no one that can afford one.  That's perhaps a little harsh, but not that far off.

We thought it was a potluck night, but then Marissa got there and the owner, Mark, said it wasn't.  None of us ate because we thought we were potluck-ing it up.  So with no food in our bellies, the drinks went pretty quickly to our heads.  Melissa was on fire winning at the raffle!!  It's not only spinach, it's Popeye spinach!

Marissa did however make amazing treats; she had two kinds of these little mini pie thingy's.  I had the chocolate peanut butter one and had a foodgasm.  For some reason my mind has been in the gutter lately.  Everything that came out of my mouth last night was vaguely inappropriate, which really added to the fun.  The tables are really close together, so when a guy was trying to get in behind me to sit I said, "It's really tight, just get right in."  (or something to that effect.)  And then I was asked if that was an open invitation and I'm pretty sure after that I had a fan club.  One guy asked me to marry him while showing me his tongue and what it could do.  Even typing this, I'm blushing.  It was quite hilarious.  Amazing thing #13 about Pee Wee's is that you can drink wine out of a pounder for just a dollar more; that is a sure fire way to get toasty quickly.  I usually drink beer at the Pee Wee, but switched it up for Melissa.  And I must add, Marissa was drinking free last night, because two weeks prior she won the grand prize, $20 bar tab.  Lucky, lucky girl.

As part of the raffle there are two breaks and right before the breaks, they raffle off a free beer, bought by Mark the owner.  I didn't win, but I have many times in the past.  On the first break this girl walked by and you could tell she was pretty drunk-tarded.  She turned around and looked at me and I initially thought she was going to beat me up.  But, no, she told me how beautiful I was and introduced herself.  Later she offered to buy me a drink twice, kissed Melissa on the cheek and was all over multiple guys.  She made a really amazing comment at one point, very loudly, "I'm just looking out for my P@$$y."  Wow, wow, wow!!   

And in enters the very LARGE man!!

Meet Jason, 6' 8", 38, heavy machine operator who is studying to get a Psychology degree.  I accidentally called him old, and I never heard the end of it.  Melissa is a very petite girl, so it was hilarious to see the two of them next to each other, or with him lifting her up as seen above.  He was such a cool guy we invited him to go across the street to get pizza with us at Spuds Pizza Parlor.  That pizza was damn good!  Josh even joined us; he got back from his trip early.  He probably thought he was crashing girls night, but oh no Jason already changed the tone.

The goal of the night was to show Melissa what Pee Wee's is like and have a good time raffle-ing it up.  The night was so beyond what you would expect from a normal raffle night.  I hope Melissa doesn't think it's like this all of the time.  Although, I'm pretty sure out of all of us (Marissa, Melissa and Myself) we can make fun out of any situation.

It's like being back in Texas where Tank Top Thursdays ruled my world.  Now it's Pee Wee Thursdays.