Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Night Rando-blog!

Things that make me go WOO HOO!!!

Petit Amuse Box - My last box was kind of lame.  I was going to give it one more month and then perhaps cancel.  Redemption, sweet redemption, it's amazing.  MIMOSA vinegar?  WTF.

My box includes:  coconut chili macadamias, fennel pollen shortbread cookies, passion fruit caramels, and champagne mimosa vingear.
Washington Blogger Meetup - Tomorrow Kendra from Adventures of Brad and Kendra and I will be hosting a meetup for local Washington Bloggers.  It is a super casual, spaghetti feed.  We were able to get some cool swag for the event and even some giveaways.  The small group that are making an appearance are going to be so pleased.  I can't wait to chat up a storm with my fellow bloggers.

Giveaway prizes:  tasty meat snacks and a tickets to Corks and Canvas for a painting adventure for 4 people.

Swag bag stuffings; Kendra is bringing amazing stuff as well.
 Catching Up With Old Friends - Last night I got texts from a bunch of people from my past.  It was so bizarre that it all happened on the same night.  I love having people in my life that feel comfortable getting back in touch after quite a while; that means we had a real friendship.  Friends and family make my world go around.  Shout outs to Scot and Scott and Justin, my long lost Texas friends.

My New Thanksgiving Plans - Today I was checking flights to Texas via my mileage account just to see what is available.  The owners of my company gave everyone a free shopping day to use whenever, which is amazing because I'm out of days off.  Much to my surprise, I actually had enough miles to fly me and my niece, Chloe, to Texas for Thanksgiving.  The Thanksgiving that I spent with Renee and Mike over 5 years ago is one of my most memorable Thanksgivings!!  Looking forward to hanging with the Britton family and having play time with Lino and Chloe.  I'm not cooking anything though; Renee's dad will tell me what I'm doing wrong.  It's F'ing mashed potatoes!  I can handle it.  Ha ha.  I love my Texas family.

Renee and Mike, AKA BFF's, AKA Texas Mom and Dad

Chloe giving Lino a ride.