Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pudd'n Shots

My friend Bridget asked for me to contribute one thing to her "Ten Year Reunion of Her 21st Birthday Party", which is tonight.  She wanted Pudd'n shots.  Now generally I make my dirt cup numbers with kahlua, oreos and gummy worms as well as irish cream ones.  Today I decided to go a it more traditional but equally delicious.

Cookies and Cream

Banana Cream
These thing are so easy to make. 

  • Large box of "INSTANT" pudding mix of any flavor (don't buy the cook kind, you'll be screwed)
  • 16 oz cool whip, it's easier if it's somewhat defrosted
  • 1 cup of vodka (you can do 3/4 cup vodka, 1/4 cup kahlua, or whatever you desire)
Mix it all up with a mixer and voila!  I take the mixture out of the bowl and put it in a large ziploc and then cut a hole in the corner to easily dispense into jello cups.  You can keep in the fridge or freezer depending on what consistency you prefer.

The concoction ready to be dispensed via the hole that you cut in the corner, I learned this method from Paula Deen. I use it for deviled eggs too.

One container ready to go.  I ran out of jello shot cup caps, so I just separated the layers by taking a piece of cardboard, cut it down and covered it with foil.

I wanted to lick the bowl, but it was 8:30 in the am.  Alcoholic licking that early is strictly forbidden or at least greatly frowned upon.
I'm so excited to lick these out of the cups.  I freaking love pudding shots.  T-4 hours til the shenanigans begin and I can partake.

Do you have any fun jello shot/ pudding shot recipes?