Saturday, November 17, 2012

X-mas Ideas, Grilled Cheese and Movie Quotes

X-Mas Ideas

Whiskey Advent Calendar - $237.84

Malibu Rum Filled Candy - $4.99

My Delicious Night

Mike, look at this!  It is such refreshing sight to bring light to the evil black death thought that goes through my head way too many times.

The most expensive, cult wine I've ever seen. That's a $2000 bottle of wine.

We went to an amazing restaurant called Pomegranate. I've never been or heard of it. It was very cute and amazing. They even gave out fireball candies like Wing Dome as an end of the meal mint.

White cheddar grilled cheese and tomato soup, how much more American can I get:)
Prepping For the Stache' Bash
Could I have picked a more perfect sized bowl?

You must have a mimosa while baking, Alicia Rule #16.

Ready for the oven my cupcake friends.
What I Love About Al-Bal (That's My Sis)
I love people that can keep up with me on movie quotes.  It shows that you have the same likes for sure.  My bestie, Mike has a made a huge effort to get a lot better about movie quotes ; I love him for that!  My sis Alison and my redneck cousin Nathan are the best at knowing my movie quotes. Also, I must mention Crystal, who I met through Daylon.  She's seen a lot of he B-films that I love, House of Yes, Pumpkin.  We can definitely go back and forth on movie quotes.