Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Zulily, You Crazy B!$@% You! Ha Ha

I'm Guilty:
That crazy Zulily sucked me in again. I keep looking at it to find Christmas presents for the family, but for some reason they only have things that I want I guess.  I guess this totally violates my budget; somebody knock some sense into me.  But, I need clothes; Lucy keeps ripping holes in my shirts.  

Ruby Rox Dress - $22.99

Love Squared Tunic - $15.99

Junk Food Black Mickey Mouse Onesie - $21.98 for two (One for New Cutaia, and one for New Lomas, shh don't tell those unborn babies)

Knot Genie, Fairy Pink Detangling Brush - $15.98 for two (I really didn't mean to get two but one can be for Al-Bal's house and one for Grandma's.  I'm hoping this is a miracle for Chloe's hair)

My Creepy Man Woodrow - I purchased him at a cute antique shop in downtown Kent.  I love him, even though he creeps everyone out!

What Makes Me Grateful:
Thanks to Lauren over at Tutu's and Tea Parties for letting me guest post about my wine cork ornaments!  

What I'm Listening To:
My friend introduced me to this band tonight, and me likey!

What are you listening to this fine evening?