Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What’s Making Me Happy Today

 7 Types of People to Unfriend on Facebook -- #3 cracks me up!!  The Internets has given me permission to unfriend all Mitt-Romney supporters.  I'm pretty sure that would cut my friends in almost half and it would eliminate some of my close friends and family, but maybe it's for the better.  Ha ha.  "I mean, what an easy way to shed some excess weight on your Facebook friends list, am I right? If someone is voting for Mitt, you can safely assume that they also want to overturn Roe V. Wade and that they hate gay people. Look, I know that Mitt Romney supporters are good for the lulz and make you feel like an overall superior person but they’re also chipping away at your faith in humanity. It’s not healthy to hate-lurk. Delete."
Zulily -- I was able to check off two kids from my X-mas list and was able to get my niece something for her birthday (since I'm already done with her Xmas).  I'm so proud of myself because I only got myself one thing.  Their deals are incredible, so when I see a cute shirt for only $15, how can I resist? 

A Supportive Boss – I’m having serious issues with one of my contractors for my boiler project and it is requiring some tough conversations and decisions.  My boss is being so amazing about it, letting me handle it and then stepping in with his leverage only when needed.  He had not once stepped on my toes or deviated from my position.  In the past I would not be given the freedom to handle such situations even though I was fully capable.  This feeling of full on support and trust is new and wonderful.  It makes you think, why wasn’t I getting this from other bosses. 
Swaps – I’m taking part in an ornament swap and a Secret Santa swap.  This concept is so fun and exciting, especially for a gift giver like me.  It makes me so happy to buy gifts for people, it’s one of my love languages.  And who doesn’t like to get gifts in the mail?  I’m dying to receive my latest Glam Bag and Birchbox just to have that feeling again. 

What’s making you smile today?