Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Catfish - The Online Dating World is Cruel

I had the pleasure of streaming an episode of Catfish last night.  This is so appropriate right now since I've been doing the online dating thing.  It is really scary going to meet someone in person when there is a chance that they haven't been honest with you, their pictures may be fake or misleading, the things you've texted about could all be lies. Ugh, so stressful.

The above pic is from last night's episode.  The beautiful blonde was in love with this guy, Jamison, who was a model, writer for Chelsea Lately and a dream boat.  Sunny was "dating" this guy for 8 months virtually, something always came up when Sunny brought up meeting in person.  The hosts showed up to provide moral support to Sunny for the eventual face to face meeting.  When the host's did some digging, it became clear that most of the things that Jamison told Sunny were false.  But, I don't think anyone expected Jamison to really be a teenage girl.  And it wasn't that the girl, Chelsea, was doing it because she was attracted to Sunny (although I think there was a little of that) it was more because she's been bullied.  She's had this online persona going on for 4 years, wowza!  And then two more shockers, Sunny forgave Chelsea, and Jamison is a real person and Sunny got to meet him.  MTV, you never let me down:)  Okay, you do quite a bit, but then you redeem yourselves with cool shows like this one and Awkward.

I just have to ask, why would Sunny be in a virtual relationship with someone for 8 months?  Seems kind a stupid to me; sorry to judge.  I would have to meet the person on the other end.  In my opinion you don't know if there is an actual connection until you meet someone face to face, as scary as it may be.

Out of the online dating experiences I've had, it hasn't been so bad.  I had one guy want to marry me after the first date, that was a bit psycho.  But, until he admitted that we had a pretty good time.  Then there was another guy that I was going to go out with but then when I did some online sleuthing only to find out he has a girlfriend and a baby on the way.  Whew, saved by The Google.

I don't have cable, but hopefully MTV will continue to offer full episodes online.  This show is juicy, even though it is a bit uncomfortable to watch these crazy situations.

This is definitely the truth for so many of the fish in the online sea.
Too funny!

Would you be able to forgive the person that deceived you?