Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Painting Birds, Drinking Beers

Bridget, Daylon, Dre and I ventured to yet another Corks and Canvas Event.  Daylon and Dre were first timers; that's always nerve-racking and exciting.  This event was unique because it was held at a brewery instead of a winery; Pyramid Alehouse to be exact.  They said we could have wine and I told Bridge that if she ordered wine I would judge her, knowing full well she would never do such a thing.  We're beer girls.  I WON!!  They do a drawing at every event, and my name finally made it into Lisa's (the owner) hands.

Freaking Dre got new fancy brushes with grippers!  Advantage much?
Bridge and Daylon enjoying the moment.
Paintings in progress.  Dre gave his bird a little blackbird friend.  All the painting ladies were so impressed.
Posing with our final pieces.
After Party on the Choo Choo Train - The Orient Express has the most amazing red chicken curry ever!  It's one of my favorite happy hour, pre-party, after-party and whatever occasion spots.  The bartenders are always super cool, funny in fact.  And there are always worse singers then you belting out Karaoke from one of the private rooms; and you are never the drunkest person in that place.

Loves at the Orient Express (my favorite Seattle hangout) .
In the next frame Bridget totally slipped me the tongue...
Mom already has dibs on this painting.  She said it reminds her of both my grandmas.  Yay.  They were bird lovers.
I still can't believe I won!  What a fun night.