Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mustache Bash - Al-Bal's Parties are Epic

It was my sisters birthday party last night; we all threw on dirty raper mustaches and partied it up at the Soundview.  For those of you that don't know Soundview Tavern in Everett is pretty trash-tastic.  You are sure to see tweekers, dancing guy, homeless wenches, and a lot of really fun drunk people.  There were a lot of people with legit mustaches; ours were only fakers.

Stache cakes!  It was actually quite difficult to do mustaches. I'm not the greatest artist as you can tell.
My sweater for my beer!
Left my phone on the table and Ivy and Doug decided to take a wacky picture, ha ha, so tame!! They could've been a lot more evil.  I'm surprised Tyler didn't steal my phone and do something crazy.
Now that's better.  Oh Doug.
Photo bombed by SMELLY!  Gotta love it.  Stop staring at my crooked tooth:) 
Slushy after a shot.
Daylon's going to kill me for posting, but Ryan had to make an appearance.

Robert having fun with Davonne's blinged out 'stache.
The next day.

I love my Chloe girl.  
We went to the Best Western to sleep but continued to have fun, well most of us. Alison was of course passed out. Daylon's parents weren't there to tell him no.
Davonne reminds me of Jamiroquai.
Looks like she is saying something very profound that requires hand motions.
Father Christmas showed up.
The birthday girl.
Look they're little fishies...Disgusting.  Apparently my grandpa likes to eat these, okay.
It was really great seeing everyone last night.  I met a whole bunch of new Lowe's people that my sis works with.  Got to see so many of my faves: Smelly and her new fiance, Ryan and Mercedes, Daylon, Bridget, Slushy, Ty Ty, Doug and Ivy, Davonne and Brandon, Nelly, oh and dancing guy of course.  I'm sure I'm forgetting someone.  

Mom and dad are packing for Mexico, I'm so freaking jealous!  Mom was doing a runway show of all of her shorts, tank tops, swim suits and swim suit covers.  Way to rub it in my face.  Then dad just did a fashion show of sunglasses, ha ha.  We picked the ones that made him look like Terminator.  "I'll be back."