Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shopping Etsy

I’m not the only one that is on a creative kick, a couple of my friends have even taken it one step further and opened an Etsy shop.  One of my friends is an amazing artist and does these incredible robot prints.  I’m in love with their products and thought I should share.

Hipster Ears on Etsy by my friend Daylon (@Daylo_j338) – I actually purchased the stegosaurus pair for my hipster self.
Dinosaur EarringsStegosaurusHipster Earrings

Simply Darrling by Kendra, a fellow blogger-friend

Maxx's Art.Design.Craft by Maxx Follis, she’s a friend and local artist.

robot angelscrabble earringsScrabble necklace

Check out these lovely creators, I know I will be following their work.


  1. We got some awesome cuff links for tash's wedding at etsy

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