Monday, September 17, 2012

Organic Chocolate and Cider Festival - Theo Chocolate Factory

I was joined by Tyler, Daylon, Jesse, and Bridget for a night of chocolate, cider and beer.  It was a $20  event put on by Tilth Producers and was held at the Theo Chocolate location.
It was really cool because with each cider or beer they gave you personalized recommendations of what chocolate to try.  I had two vegans with me so they could only eat the dark chocolate, but that's fine with me more milk chocolate for me to gobble up.

We arrived a bit early so we stopped across the street at Brouwers Cafe.  And I met this little boy and decided I was thirsty.

Daylon always makes new friends.  He met this gem and had to have a pic with her.  Her tattoos are heavenly.

The coolest part about the tasting event was that we got to drink out of mason jars!  You can tell Bridget loves that fact as well.  I'm going to make redneck wine glasses with the ones that made it into my purse.

One of the lovely cider ladies.  She was not conservative with the pours which is much appreciated especially after you are low on tickets.

We ended the evening at The Dubliner, and Daylon and I decided to try to recreate the Britney face from the X-Factor.  We didn't do that great, but funny nonetheless.

The festival was a little crowded but it's a good excuse to have dudes junk and ladies boobs all rubbed up on you.  Ha ha.  It was fun, mostly due to the company.