Sunday, September 23, 2012

Do the Puyallup and Reminisce the Days of Saved By The Bell

Since Oktoberfest, a 90's party and the horse races wasn't going to be enough to satisfy me this weekend, I decided I needed to check out the Puyallup Fair on it's 2nd to last day.  I know I'm crazy, I really need to work on relaxing.  Summer's officially over, there will be time for that soon.

For those of you that don't know, the Puyallup Fair is ginormous.  It gets bigger every year and is hugely popular.  So I told Tyler that we were going to eat our way through the fair.

First stop, fair burgers, double at that.  We enjoyed them at the beer/wine garden.  Although, Alicia didn't consume any beer or wine...I know it's freaking weird.  But, I feel a bit weird that they have a beer garden at the fair.  

Watching this poor sheep be bathed was somewhat unsettling for e.  It was making awful noises due to the fact that his/her face was muzzled to a hard metal thingy.  I would never make it as a farmer.

Air brush tattoos for $3 a pop.  Yes please.  It was really neat, and they supposedly last for 7 days.  I had to do Mario Bros. since I was going to a 90's shindig tonight.

Camels at the fair; which is a bit weird since there is nothing desert-like in the Pacific Northwest.

They had BINGO!  I do love bingo from time to time.  It was $5 to play 3 cards.  You were looking for a regular bingo or 4 corners.  I was not doing well and then bam, I won!  It was thrilling.  There were so many fun, pretty useless prizes to choose from; I went with a fountain.  I still am regretting not grabbing the Jesus toaster a bit.

We were both craving ice cream, so stumbling upon the fro-yo place put a smile on my face.  Why do I not like cereal but I do love it in my frozen yogurt?

A zebra at the fair?  That's a bit weird as Chloe would say.

Steve Urkel pull up your pants and watch out DJ Tanner, 90s Alicia is moving in.

My friends Travis and Alyssa were having a 90's party to celebrate Alyssa's birthday as well as to celebrate their new apartment.  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to go, both because I don't get to see them enough and because of course I'm a child of the 90's.  The greatest thing is that you don't have to go to thrift stores for the gear you just go to Urban Outfitters, as the 90's stuff is back.  I chose to go early 90's, like my middle school days.  I still have my Calvin Klein jean jacket from the time period and I have red converse so I was basically building the outfit around those items.  

I was so excited that Doug and Ivy were there, otherwise I would've been the oldest person eva'.  There were people born in '91.  It blew my mind.  Anyhow, this is Travis, Doug and me, 3 of the biggest nerds of all time.  However, we are nerds with personality.

Please tell me you remember Tank Girl, the movie.  I was so excited when I saw her outfit!  I'm pretty sure I was the only one that got it, but it made me uber happy.

Travis, being the most amazing boyfriend to Alyssa ever, concocted a delicious pink champagne hello kitty cake.  I asked for his man-card...

I can't believe Travis found a DARE shirt.  When I was in 5th grade, I totally read my DARE essay in front of the school.  But, all I remember is that that program kind of made me want to try some drugs (earmuffs).

Of course someone brought silly string and I can't think of a more perfect moment to let it spray.  Happy Birthday Alyssa.

I swear I was not on bath salts.  I just had this desire to eat Ivy's face.  It's not weird, everybody has urges.

The outfit, minus the skirt, red leggings and red chucks.  Tip:  don't wear a candy necklace when you've applied perfume.

90's was one of the most memorable time periods of my lifetime.  I enjoyed wearing sweet spandex outfits, using scrunchies, and carrying my trapper-keeper.  I LOVE THE 90's.  I really wanted to represent Beatlejuice, one of my fave movies, but it was '88, boo wikipedia, why couldn't you lie to me?

Later Alligator, have a tubular Sunday!