Monday, September 17, 2012

Game Time - Huskies That Is

Brad invited Tyler and I to a Husky game.  I was pretty excited, even though I'm not a football fan.  Even though I went to UW, I had only been to one game.  Plus, while the new stadium is being built they're playing at Century Link.

After we rode the light rail to the stadium we started by having brunch at FX McRory's.  This is the same place that the Seattle investor that is pushing for the new NBA stadium bought everyone who showed up a beer.  1500 people showed up for a free pint of beer on Chris Hansen's tab.  Anyhow, back to brunch.  They had an amazing menu including perfect brunch drinks.  Mine is the mimosa if you didn't already guess that.  I ordered an open faced breakfast burger that was delectable.  It had Southwestern flair and the hash browns were sour cream and cheddar!

It was high school band day.  So their were nerdy high schoolers with instruments running rampant.  

I do love places that have complimentary tampons and pads; I mean seriously what a nice perk.

Look, my company is a sponsor!  Made me feel a little bit proud to work there.

The Husky band is pretty cool, they do lots of hip shaking and running around.

We had pretty dang good seats.  8 rows up from the field.

The game was a blowout!  They kicked booty.