Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fremont Oktoberfest

Last night Carly, my mom and I headed to Fremont to partake in their Oktoberfest.  I have to say this was one of the better tasting festivals I've been to.  It was so spacious and spread out that you didn't feel overcrowded.  No lines, clean port-o-potties (which is just insane) and lots of BEER options!  We each had 10 tasting tokens.  The search began for the beers that tooted our horns.

Momsky's taste:  hefeweizens and ciders
Carly's taste: anything that resembles Bud Light (yeah right!), it was a challenge
Alicia's taste:  anything at all minus porters and stouts

I'm getting ahead of myself.  First we had to make our pretzel necklaces.  Every time I go to a tasting event and I see people with these necklaces, I think "dang, I forgot again!"  I was not going to make that mistake again.

Pretzel bin ready!

Momsky, actively threading her necklace, inches of sobering power!

Carly, thinking that I'm a bit crazy but she'll go along anyway.

The Deschutes traveling taste-mobile, all the way up from Oregon.

I love me a good grilled cheese.  Early on I had to eat, since I didn't eat all day.  I knew what I was having.  The classic with some A (avocado).

The Grilled Cheese Experience truck.

Final product:  sandwich with a shot of soup, tomato basil.

We had to get in a good cuddle with the chicken, duh!

They had their image projected all over buildings; it was pretty fantastic.

We did some pretty amazing other things last night, but it was too dark to take pics with my phone.  They had this Ford contest where you kick this virtual soccer ball and try to get 50 goals in 30 seconds.  You look like a spaz, cause you're just rocking your leg back and forth as fast as you can.  I only got 23:(

After we spent Carly's tokens (because as mentioned before it was challenging to find beers she likes) we headed to Puyallup to meet up with an old friend in town from Portland, Kari.  The rest of the night was laughing, rude talk, nachos, pitchers and trying to make this one guy really uncomfortable.  He loved it, you could tell.  

I'm dreading summer being over, because the festivals go away, but I really do need to start saving money and learning to relax.

What cool festivals have you gone to this summer?
What's your favorite beer variety?