Sunday, September 30, 2012

NW Chocolate Festival and Crossing Things Off the List

NW Chocolate Festival

I bought a deal from Voice Daily Deals for two tix to the festival.  I was concerned because I knew I'd be working all weekend.  But, things worked out well, my contractors got finished and I was able to make it.  The deal was $15 for a one-day pass; usually $25 in advance or $20 at the door.

We headed to the festival and enjoyed lots and lots of chocolate!  There were so many chocolate makers there and all offering samples.  In addition there were demo's and lots of stuff for sale.  I had to buy the two things that jumped out at me.

Forte Sea Salt Caramels and Melting Pot Candy's Hot Mama Jalapeno English Toffee

To be honest the sea salt caramels from Fran's rock my world; I have cravings for them.  But, I thoght I'd check out an alternative.  Not that they were any cheaper...

Fran's was giving out entire pieces as samples and each one of those is worth well over $2!

They had an aphrodisiac lounge that was offering beer, cider, wine and cocktails and you know I was excited.  But, it was kinda lame.  There were tiny, tiny samples of man bevies, but not worth it.  Although there were two women painting each other in chocolate but I was too shy to take a pic.

Overall, the festival was worth what I paid for it.  I got to try many, many samples.  I really like the ones that have a kick to them, there was a habanero caramel.  The really dark, 100% cacao chocolates are not up my alley.

I've been wanting to do this mason jar craft project for quite a while.  I even bought several mason jars about a month or so ago.  Tonight I decided to start.  I've written on them with my hot glue gun.  I've made one for my sis, one for Daylon and two that are just generic.  I'm waiting for them to dry and then I'll be spray painting them.  

I have a to-do list that I posted here, with a deadline of Nov. 1st.  I made some headway tonight.  I hung up my brewery posters.  I've had 4 posters rolled up for well over 2 years but haven't bought the custom frames to hang them, as they're varying sizes.  I found on Fab these poster hangers called, "Posterhanger", they're supposedly the original poster holders.  They are quite unique and I struggled a bit with the smaller posters as there is no hook on the bottom so it depends on gravity to make sure the poster doesn't try to roll up.  You'll see in the following pictures.  The frames are Posterhanger.

These posters look amazing.  I have a bar in my basement, it's named Panty Droppers.  So these posters add some amazing character.  Not that I didn't have a million signs, posters and pictures already.

 I had an amazing weekend thanks to Sexy-Exy (that's Tyler, my ex).  I had to work a whole bunch but we were still able to do some fun things in the evenings.

What home projects have you been putting off?