Friday, September 28, 2012

Roku, I've finally learned to love you!

I've been somewhat happy with my Roku box.  The best part was of course the fact that I don't have to pay those bastards at the cable company any longer.  The Roku is a one time fee box and it's connected easily to your wireless connection.  It automatically was great, having Amazon Prime and Netflix.  Although, Amazon Prime doesn't have much that you don't have to pay for, F-U Amazon Prime!  I had Hulu Plus for a minute but wasn't happy with it.  You pay a fee, the same one as I pay for Netflix and there are freaking commercials!!!!  The connectivity was bad too, not sure why but it was.  So I canceled it. So then I was left with a Roku that essentially does the same thing that my Wii did, played Netflix.  I am missing Food Network, hardcore!  So I was googling around and found out you can add private channels.  What, what?  Here's what I added today. - At this site I found:

  • CNN
  • Food Network Nighttime
  • Nowhere TV
  • Woot - At this site I found:

  • My Channels - It's a home screen organizer that makes finding the channel you want to watch much easier.
  • The Onion News Network
  • iTunes Pocasts

  • HGTV
  • PBS
  • Hungry Nation
  • NokNok

You just go into your account, select add private channel and put in the code that you find at the above sites.  Woop woop.  Now to hack Showtime and HBO into my Roku...

Are you still attached to a cable company?

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