Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm On An Online Deal Diet As Of Now

I came home from vacation to a ginormous pile of boxes!  It was super exciting. But, I've gone overboard, I admit it, I have an addiction.

I frequent the following online deal sites (yes, please check them out so I'm not alone in this):

  1. Fab
  2. Zulily
  3. Living Social
  4. Groupon
  5. Woot
  6. Bloomspot
  7. Amazon Deals
  8. HauteLook

My Amazon order, the most exciting part is the candy molding stuff.  Still waiting on my owl molds.

My amazing giraffe print knives.  They make me feel so wild!  Rahr.

I can't wait to wear these out!  Daylon, my most hipster-est friend of all time, made these an started an Etsy shop.  When I found out about the shop, I had to have them.

My new shoes; can't wait for my sister to make fun of them.  They're so freaking comfortable though.  

My cat is a little fatty; I take full responsibility.  But, now she gets exercise with this amazing laser spinny number.  It is so incredible to watch her chase it around.  I kind of feel bad because she's never going to be able to catch it.

I'm pretty sure I have several more boxes on the way.  But, for now I'm deleting all emails from the above sites!  No joke.  It is going to be so hard.