Monday, September 17, 2012

Blend - A Night of Wine and Gourmet Food

Daylon and I headed to the Bell Harbor International Conference Center to enjoy the event, Blend.  It was a $50 event but that gets you all you can eat and all you can drink.  It was super swanky.

They had this concoction that was some sort of margarita; it was dangerous because it didn't taste like alcohol.  MM, delishy bomb.

The food was incredible.  Poor Daylon couldn't eat anything, there was nothing vegan friendly.  But, he kept telling me to try everything, so he could live vicariously through me.  Ha ha.  See my ceviche below.

This dish was my absolute favorite dish!  It's a poached prawn tower, gazpacho consomme, harissa crisp with salish honey and cucumber gelee.  So incredible, mouth-gasm.

Mm, more delicious food.

There is crazy hair guy, he poured some nice wine.

Lots of wine.

Me and Daylon's new friends that we met in the bubble lounge.  Sarah and Melissa are the coolest!  They're our Bellingham friends.

The bubble lounge was my favorite.  There was a station where they let us try all of them. It was a flight.  That is where we met our new friends.

This hottie was at the chocolate event that we went to Friday.  It was pretty exciting to see him again.  Unfortunately, he's engaged and not available.  I was trying to find out for my friends.

I will definitely be looking this event up next year.  And I'm pretty sure Daylon will need to go with me, he makes everything more fun.