Monday, September 24, 2012

Petit Amuse Box #1

I love my BirchBox and I'm sure I'll adore my GlamBag, but you can't eat that stuff.  The Petit Amuse Box is $10 a month and is so unique due to the face that these are real artisan treats created in small batches.  It is so apparent that most of these items are hand made, hand packaged.

Here is a review of my items
CC Made, Pistachio Popcorn - 

This is such a unique popcorn because it has pistachios.  It really adds a unique flavor.  And it was caramel-y which can never be bad.  
Effie's Homemade, Oatcakes -

 I was so hesitant to try these, the name just doesn't sound appetizing.  It's a baked good that reminds me a bit of short bread.  It was really incredible.

p.o.p candy, Thyme, Walnut, & Cherries Toffee + Pop Mix Toffee -

The Pop Mix was damn tasty!  I didn't care for the weird flavor, don't really like savory and sweet, nor do I like walnuts or cherries.  But, toffee is toffee.

Vermont Peanut Butter - 

This peanut butter is delectable.  I wish I had more than a tiny container.  This is a healthy peanut butter that actually tastes good.  I think perhaps it's the raw honey that is mixed in that makes it so tasty.  Unfortunately this product is not yet widely available, you can really only find at VERY select stores and farmers markets.

Daily De-Lish, Original Granola - 

I added this to my yogurt all week and it made me love yogurt! It had such a variety of nuts and raisins and oats and goodness.  

I give this box a 4.5/5, pretty good score for my first box.  Can't wait for the next one.