Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thrift-athon Dallas Style

Today, my friends had to work so they left me a car so I could choose my own adventure (where are those books, I need them).  I decided I'd go thrift store shopping.  Sadly, all of the ones I researched and wrote down weren't in existence anymore, but thank goodness for Google Maps!

Thrift Town, S. Westmoreland Rd, Dallas

Google Maps brought me to a bit of a sketchy part of town, but I was game for a new adventure.  I've never heard of Thrift Town, and it was pretty fabulous.  The pricing was how it should be.  I got a pair of jeans for Chloe for $1.99 and a pair of shorts for me for $2.99.  A lot of the clothes and good were quite dirty but you can definitely find a few things here and there.

Goodwill Computer Works, N. Haskell Ave, Dallas 

I've never heard of such a store, for a second I thought it was just a regular store or a call center of some sort.  It was a paradise for geeks; which I'm not that geeky.  They had everything from Atari games, full computers, memory, cables, and so much more.  I went in and back out pretty quickly just cause i wasn't my bag, but I highly recommend it for those in the market for parts or things to sell on Ebay.  Prices were reasonable.

Dolly Python, N. Haskell Ave, Dallas

This shop was wacky, quirky and incredible.  Don't you agree?  There is something about creepy doll heads that makes me smile.

My Purchases from Dolly Python:

A beautiful "Love" themed bangle bracelet.
My favorite owl in the shop (there were so many).  It's from Chile and it's gorgeous.  I wanted to buy so many more things but I have to worry about suit case space.


I ended up in Lower Greenville and decided to go to the Blue Goose Cantina for lunch.  I love their fajitas, but since it's hatch chile season I decided to get the hatch quesadillas.  They were absolutely delicious and I have leftover for a late night snack.

After lunch I went to an outlet mall and got some great deals!

As I was tooling around my mind was racing; I always have these emotional feelings about Texas.  I miss it so much, but there are definitely some things I don't miss.  I decided to throw together a list to share.

Things About Texas That I Miss:

  1. Renee, Mike and Lino
  2. The fajitas from any of the following restaurants:  Uncle Julios, La Hacienda Ranch, Blue Goose Cantina, Agave Azul, or Mariano's
  3. Frontage roads and turnabouts (the things where you can go the other direction without having to go through two lights)
  4. Dos Equis Lager on tap
  5. Race Track gas stations (they're so clean, frequent and full of so many varieties of drinks for the road)
  6. The other amazing food joints that I love to frequent:  Babe's Chicken House, Taco Casa, On The Border, Razzoo's, Red, Hot and Blue, Hard 8, The Taco Stand, just to name a few.
  7. The people.  I think it's a combination of so many people that aren't from Texas so they are open to new friendships and the people that are from here are super friendly.  I still have kept touch with so many of my friends from here and it's been almost five years.
  8. There are so many things to do, the best shopping, six flags, the best restaurants, amazing quaint down-towns with antiques, museums, music and so much more.
  9. Shiner Bock
  10. Cheap real-estate and my first home (red tile, slate floors and Pacific Northwest carpet)
  11. No matter where you go, there is air conditioning.
  12. Texas is a very family friendly place, not only because babies are allowed in bars, but the area just seems to cater towards the family crowd.  It would be a great place to raise children.
  13. Daisy Brand, my first engineering job.  I learned so much while working there and really only left because I wanted to get back near my family after my niece was born.  I still have great pride when I see the cottage cheese on the shelf.

Things About Texas That I Do Not Miss:

  1. The heat, we had to take water breaks in the middle of the half when I played outdoor soccer here.  Bizarre but necessary.
  2. The crazy Texas drivers!  Good thing I took defensive driving 3 times.
  3. There are so many school zones and they're not always marked that great and the cops don't mess around.  You might as well just drive 20mph all the time; oh wait those crazy Texas drivers mentioned above would probably run you over.
  4. In soccer the girls get more points for scoring on co-ed teams!  That is freaking lame in my book.
  5. The ignorance of some people, especially the ones that didn't take me seriously as an engineer.
  6. The fear of all of the deadly spiders, snakes and the creepy water bugs and cockroaches.
Later ya'll!