Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gone Girl

I decided to take a break from Game of Thrones and join in on the PBF book club for their August read, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

This book is a must read, if you haven't read it yet you probably don't want to read my review as there will definitely be spoilers.

Brief Synopsis:

The book begins with Nick and Amy's 5th wedding anniversary; Nick comes home to find his wife missing an his house in disarray.  As more people get involved including the press and the police Nick looks more and more guilty and continues to tell unnecessary lies which complicate thing.

The novel follows Amy through past diary entries and Nick in the present as he interfaces with the police, the press and all of the individuals involved in their lives.  Get ready for some crazy twists.  You just think you have it figured out an then something else surfaces.

Alicia's Review:  

This book was so captivating because you could never tell what the truth was.  You had to keep turning pages to find out what really happened.  I never really though Nick did it but I couldn't understand his behaviors, his lies, his evil thoughts towards his missing wife and his "don't care" attitude.  Then you get to this part that makes it seem like Amy has to be dead, with all of the blood loss, yet you still don't think it was Nick.  At some points I actually suspected Go or one of her parents; I know my mind goes crazy places.

Then it all turns around, and it turns out Amy is crazy bitch!  That doesn't mean Nick is a good guy or anything, I mean he was a cheater and a not very attentive husband.  But, Amy takes the cake for all of her plotting, acting and game playing.  She was brilliant, you do have to give her that.

I'm not very happy with the ending, because I don't think Nick is nearly as crazy or evil as Amy.  He wanted Amy to be punished but in the end he wasn't going to kill her.  Oh well happily ever after for the cheater and the crazy girl I guess. There was not a boring moment in this book for sure.

Farewell and good readings to you, back to Game of Thrones!