Monday, August 27, 2012

Costco Confessionals and a Police Chase

I have a Costco addiction, perhaps that is why I've been avoiding going to Costco for the last two months, even though we were out of cat food, garbage bags, canned corn, chicken and ground turkey.  These are staples in our household.  I can't go in without spending over $100 and often times it is more like $250.  Costco is just so great; they have the best stuff.  My eyes lit up today when I saw this Indian Simmer Sauce! I can't wait to try it out, it came with two tikka masalas and one korma curry.  My absence brought on lots of tasty things, they also had tomato basil bisque!  Sounds like a great lunch to me.  

I actually worked out today, for the first time in weeks.  I was so proud of myself, I felt really good and wasn't dying!  I even ate crappy today.  What it made me realize is if I got my discipline back I could be an athlete once again.  I did sign up to play on a soccer team for Fall season, but I need to get in shape.  I can do it.

Glam Bag:
On to the next addiction...monthly subscriptions.  I just signed up for the waiting list to get a monthly Glam Bag.  I discovered it and have decided I must try it out.  Unlike the Birchbox, you get 4 or 5 full sized products instead of samples.  It's still $10 a month.  I discovered it on Hello Miss Niki's Blog; the fragrance sounds amazing and the nail polish color is to die for.

Chocolate Molding Supplies:
Last night I ordered a couple of supplies to get started chocolate molding.  I got an owl mold, suckers sticks, oil based food dyes and squeeze bottles.  After taking the chocolate molding class with Chelsea, it made me want to do it at home.  Possibly have a chocolate molding party around Christmas time.  
I attempted my first painting at home last night.  Tyler bought all of the supplies last week, easels, acrylic paints and brushes.  The experience was so relaxing and frustrating at the same time.  It is challenging but in the end I was so happy with my final product.  I've now got offers to sell two of my paintings!  Of course they were friends and family and I'll be giving them away for one penny...  I have to be able to say I've sold two paintings after all.  It is so exciting to have some creative juices flowing while being an Engineer; I feel like I'm crossing all kinds of boundaries.  Being an Engineer is definitely creative as well, just in a very different way.  There really isn't anything abstract about it, but there are multiple ways to go about something.
Police Chase:
On our way home from Costco all of a sudden there were people seemingly playing tag in the road.  Then all of sudden we realized it was someone running from a bike cop.  I was immediately freaked out; the thought that went through my head was that we would be shot.  After all I do live in Federal Way.  Then we saw the bike cop finally catch the guy, the guy being pursued finally went to the ground willingly, and then the cop tased him.  It seemed a bit weird to me that the tasing happened after the guy gave in, but whatever. Then I looked the other way and another bike cop was chasing another guy.  It was craziness, gave me chills.


  1. Ah, a bike cop high speed pursuit...only in Seattle! ;) I live 1/2 mile from the original CostCo and still have never been. But now that I know they're carrying my favorite simmer sauce, I might need to tag along with a member. Thanks! :)

  2. I didn't realize there was an original location. I'm so stoked about the sauce, I go frequently and it's the first time I've seen it.

    I gained an all new respect for bike cops. I always thought they were kind of pansy on bikes, or horses for that matter (downtown). But, they were on their game.

  3. love your blog, new follower


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