Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fat Kid Rules the World...Movie Time

I was reading the Stranger yesterday and ran across an ad for the movie, Fat Kid Rules the World.  It was directed by Matthew Lillard, sound familiar?  Yeah he was in Scream, and before that in one of my faves, Serial Mom.  It was based on a novel by K.L. Goings.  It was playing at Siff Uptown Theater, in the Queen Anne Hill Neighborhood.  SIFF, is the Seattle International Film Festival; although the festival only lasts May to June, you can still enjoy amazing films year around.

I met up with Tyler at Pesos, which is always a good time.  Delicious chips and salsa and a nice Dos Equis is a perfect after work combo.  We hopped on to Ten Mercer for happy hour wine.  I had a delicious slider small plate to tide me over.  It was $5 glasses of wine, anything on the menu.  
We then found our dinner location, The Spectator.  It was incredible!  I ordered "The Dip" with tots.  And again they had an amazing happy hour, with cheap drinks and wine.

The Review:
Poor Troy Billings, son of a police officer who holds him to the same athletic standards as his younger skinny brother.  The film actually starts out with Troy stepping out in front of a Seattle Metro bus.  Luckily, a punk, somewhat homeless kid saves his life.  The kid that saves his life is Marcus.  Marcus is a punk rock kid who bullies and manipulates Troy into handing over cash, being his friend and being his drummer in his new band. The synopsis said the band was supposed to give Troy a new confidence but that was not what I saw.  But, Troy does change and become more daring for sure.  Overall, the film was extremely honest in it's portrayal of Troy's life.  I did really enjoy the movie.  I expected a bit more in the ending, but it was satisfying.

I did get some sweet swag from the movie and one of the sponsors, Biscuit Bitch.

What a fun Tuesday night!!!