Thursday, August 16, 2012

Weekend Update: August 17th-August 19th

Friday, August 17th
Seattle Lust Tour

  • Every Thursday and Friday, $20
  • 1410 Post Alley, Seattle, 98101
  • “Who knew Seattle was such a slut?  Check out the Lust Tour!”
  • This is a tour that reveals Seattle’s sleezy past full of hookers, murder, and many more sinful exploits.
Saturday, August 18th
Northwest Tequila Festival
NW Tequila Fest
  • 1PM – 7PM in the Phinney Neighborhood
  • $40 for a tasting glass and taste tickets
  • Plus access to all the tequila the Northwest has to offer
Olympia Brew Fest

  • Noon – 10PM @ Olympia’s Port Plaza
  • $30 for 6 tastes and a commemorative cup
  • Free parking at all metered spots
  • Plus if you get crapped on by a seagull you get a free crab hat!
Everett Craft Beer Festival

  • Noon – 8PM entrance at Hewitt and Hoyt
  • $20 for a tasting glass and 5 tasting tokens
  • Buns on Wheels will be there dishing out gourmet burgers
Sunday, August 19th
EMP Museum: The Lure of Horror Films Exhibit

  • 10AM – 7PM Daily
  • $20 or $18 if you purchase online
  • The exhibit examines the pivotal role that horror plays in the human experience.  Visitors will get a chance to view iconic artifacts, including the script from Night of the Living Dead, the alien creature suite and Jack Torrance’s axe from The Shining.
Have a great weekend everyone!!  I think I’m going to enjoy the Everett Craft Beer Festival with my mom.


  1. I ended up going to the Olympia Beer Fest with my mom and Tyler. It was amazing! Haven't seen as many drunk people in a while.


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