Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Night Product Search: Weekend Wanderings

Just doing what I do best, searching around the inter-web finding amazing products that I want to buy.  I haven't purchased any of these products YET.  There was one dress that I was about to buy but it's sold out; they will email me when they are back in stock:)  Here we GO...

Sephora - Here's what made me drool today at this amazing store

Nails Inc, London Sprinkles Nail Polish, $9.50:  They look like sprinkles, mixing my love for pretty things and food.  Unfortunately, I can't wear any polish due to working in a food plant.  

Urban Decay Naked 2 Eye Shadow Palette, $50:  You can't ever go wrong with Urban Decay.  They always have the most amazing sparkly shadows.  

Etsy - The site that makes us all wish we were a little bit craftier

Tragus Cuff, that requires no piercing, brought to you by ZyDesign:  I've always wanted a tragus piercing.  There are two things that prevent that for me, work (no earrings), and that I'm a major wuss.  This is the perfect solution for me and anyone else that thinks this piercing is cute.

Tropical Coconut Lip Scrub brought to you by BellaLume Spa on Etsy, $6:  Supposedly you use this after a day in the sun. It's supposed to last for several months.  Worth a shot for sure.  I bet it smells delicious.

Other Lovelies

Dahlia Festival Print Dress brought to you by Deloom: $32

In the spirit of Weekend Wanderings, I'm blogging up a storm this weekend.  Show me some love link buddies!


  1. Me too! I can't wear it on my fingernails but I can on my toes! And it is sandal season after all.


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