Monday, August 20, 2012

Emerald Downs–Go Horsey Go!

Went to the horse races for the first time yesterday, with my friends Marissa and Josh.  I’ve only ever been to the greyhound track near Portland when I was a kid.  I, the Groupon Queen, of course had a Groupon for the event.  So I basically got in for half off, free program, and $10 for food.  What a deal. 
Here we go…
I switched purses so no pen; I ended up using my hipster red lipstick (thanks Daylon) to mark my bets.  And you know my first stop was the beer cart for a delish Hef.
Josh raved about the garlic fries and had to have them.  I begged for one, and “WHOA” they were as good or better than Safeco.
As I was wandering around I found this fantastic vehicle.  I had to take a picture for Marissa, since she likes Shock Top.  I personally think it tastes like armpits; serving beer out of a trunk tap is AMAZING!
I got hungry after sampling Josh’s garlic fries, so I ended up with a Philly Cheesesteak.  It was alright.  You can’t go wrong with a meaty cheesy sandwich.  It was accompanied by an Alaskan Summer Ale.
Here’s the moveable post gate (I think that’s what it’s called.)
Marissa and I were going to get glitter tattoos, but we didn’t have enough time due to the massive line of kids.  Don’t you think we should have seniority?  Dang kidsSmile

Friend pose, minus our ridiculous, amazing hats.
I ended up winning on I think 4 races, which was super exciting to me.  I was only betting $2 a pop, so no big dollars.  Plus I knew how to pick the popular, winning horse, which meant the paybacks were slim pickings.
Here are my picks:
  1. Dynamalt
  2. Wild W B T
  3. Nitro Road
  4. He’s A Cruiser
  5. Malibu Rum (WINNER)
  6. Class Included (WINNER)
  7. Hollywood Harbor
  8. Taylor Said (WINNER)
  9. Kooky Saluki (WINNER)
  10. I Am Thor
I highly recommend going to the horse races at least once in your life.  It’s a blast!  Thanks to Marissa for some of her “special” juices.  I hope no super PETA supporters are reading, I went to the races and drove the Oberto, super meaty truck all in the same week.

Disclaimer:  The character named Josh, mentioned in the blog did not wish to have his identity revealed.  Now I can't even remember if he's real or made up.  Oh man.



  1. we love going to the races, we should go when your here! No garlic fries though :(

    1. I always wanted to go in Texas too, Lone Star Park I think? Yes, that would be fun! We have so many things we need to do when I'm there. Get your AC ready:)

  2. I love going to the horse races. I go to the Kentucky Derby every year and the Breeders cup when it is close enough. I also did an internship on a thoroughbred breeding farm in 2005. Just stopping by to follow you back.

    1. Thanks for the follow. The Kentucky Derby would be insane; couldn't even imagine. I'd definitely have to pick up an amazing hat for that event.


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