Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August Birchbox Product Review

I’ve finally had a chance to try out all of my Birchbox goodies.  It was a 3 out of 5 success for August.

LiQWd Professional Volumizing Catalyst – Equipped with high-tech moisturizers, this weightless mist adds serious body to flat locks, Full-size, $22.
Review:  I’m not an authority on hair care at all.  I often wear my hair up because I work in food manufacturing and have to wear a hair net everyday.  It does smell delicious and I like that it didn’t make my hair oily looking.Thumbs up

Dr. Jart + Waterfuse BB Cream – This four-in-one moisturizer, serum, sunscreen, and skin-perfecting tint is the beauty version of a Swiss Army Knife, Full-size, $32.
Review:  I will be buying this!  It evens out my skin while providing sunscreen and moisturizer, which is a must for me!  I love the Dr. Brandts Pore No More but it’s $45 for 1 oz.  This stuff is a steal at $32 for 1.7 ounces; and it works just as good.Thumbs up

Larabar Uber, Apple Turnover – Consider these wholesome bars brain fuel: they’re packed with fruits and nuts, Pack of 5, $9.
Review: This bar was a delicious snack.  I wish I had a bigger one.  It’s the perfect combo of dried fruit and nuts.Thumbs up

Juicy Couture, Viva La Juicy, La Fleur – This modern scent is a feminine blend of wild berries, mandarin, ad waterlily, Fulll-size, $70.
Review:  This smell is very lovely, but a little too grandma-ish.  I apparently look really young, but I don’t think smelling old would fix that situation.  I will continue to wear this occasionally until the sample is gone but wouldn’t purchase a full size bottle.Thumbs down

DDF Brightening Cleanser – This foaming gel uses an all-star team of skin brighteners to fade discoloration and even out skin tone, Full-size, $38
Review:  This cleanser stinks, literally!  It has a really disgusting smell.  I do like the way it makes my skin feel, it probably would work to brighten my face if used on a consistent basis.  However, my skin dries easily and this made it worse.Thumbs down


  1. love the Larabar Uberbars! And Cravebox. I'm glad at least a few of the things worked out. :)

    1. It's fun regardless, and since it's samples, it's kind of what it's all about. It would be lame if everything had thumbs up across the board.

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