Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pioneer Square at Night (Kind of)

Bridget and I did it again.  We tried our hand at painting once again.  This time we headed to Vino at the Landing, in Renton.  I'm truly obsessed with the Corks and Canvas concept.  Painting while sipping wine; they make it so straight forward even us science nerds can do it.

Final products, we look pleased with ourselves.  The hardest part is to put the paint brush down, but if you don't you eventually ruin it.

Bridget's masterpiece.  I love her branches.

Tasty platter to snack on.  The Beecher's No Woman cheese was my favorite.

Alicia's masterpiece.
Bridget pre-partying in the car on the way over.  By partying, I mean being silly.
After painting eats at The Rock.  Always a good time.  And it was late night happy hour.

 If you've never done this, you must try it.  It is so fun.  I plan on going a couple of times a month.  It's only $45, which I think is so worth it.   We've decided we are going to go to a couple more then start having them at our places.  So stay tuned.