Thursday, August 9, 2012

Painting the Seattle Waterfront

It's that time again, time to sip wine and paint!  Corks and Canvas had an amazing painting planned.  My usual painting partner was unavailable so I invited Tyler.  He was intrigued by the idea, but you could tell he was a bit nervous, much like my first time.  You ask yourself, "What if I suck?"  But, truth is, it doesn't matter.   Their motto is, "If you don't like your painting, just have a couple more glasses of wine and you will."  But, honestly, their instruction is so good that they make it so easy, breezy.  

Tyler and I met up at one of our favorite places for food and drink, Orient Express (Seattle).  It's a restaurant, bar and karaoke lounge all in a train!  How freaking cool is that.  Not to mention, they serve THE BEST red chicken curry ever.  It's always super spicy just like I like it.  Also, the drinks are bad-ass.  The bartender, Carrie, is pretty cool as well.  I even talked her into doing a Corks and Canvas event soon.

Orient Express train

Tyler, getting his painting face on.  Trying to shed his stressed, work face.

We arrived at the wine bar, Urban Enoteca, and grabbed our first glass of complimentary wine.  I sat down and noticed that my brushes were super stiff.  They always warn that if you don't store your brushes in water the acryclic can harden and ruin a brush.  So I had to sneak and trade my brushes with the empty seat beside me.  I know, I know, I could have asked for another brush.  I thought it was more fun to take them and make Tyler uncomfortable.

My brushes, all inspected and healthy, ready for some painting.
 This picture tonight, of the Seattle waterfront, is by far the most detailed.  It was really challenging, with all of the lines and windows.  I ended up getting filthy.  Maybe this is my norm, but it's the first time I was touching up with my fingers.  I think I still have some paint on my elbows, he he.  I felt bad for Tyler because it was his first time and it was a super hard painting.  Oh well, he did great.

Dirty Girl!
 Drum roll please...
Alicia's Masterpiece

Tyler's Masterpiece
Isn't it great how we painted the exact same thing and they each have their own character?  I'm so addicted I'm going to have a whole wall of these paintings.