Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Day At The Fair–Evergreen State Fair

I met up with my sister and my niece to head to the fair.  We grew up going to the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, versus the large Puyallup Fair.  The best part of the fair is the FOOD!  I’m an idiot and ate a late lunch at one of my favorite places (Wing Dome), so I wasn’t hungry sadly.  But, I watched my sister eat goodies and I ate some of Chloe’s leftovers.
Look at my amazing Chloe enjoying herself at the fair.  I ended up having to buy a bracelet to ride the rides with Chloe.  She didn’t want to go by herself and there were some, like the carousel, that she wasn’t tall enough to ride without an adult.  Aside from the ride that never ended, the rides were pretty fun.  The kiddie roller coaster was quite good and it went around 3 times; I wish the six flags roller coasters went around 3 times.
“Women Drivers”, how is she driving from the backseat?  Ha ha, I’m only kidding ladies, but I did think it was hilarious.
We had an experience in the rabbit barn.  There was a station set up with rabbits to pet with the rabbit owners.  There was a little boy that was very excited about his rabbit.  He asked us, “Do you want to see something really funny?”  He grabbed the bunny by it’s scruff, pulled it upside down exposing it’s belly.  Then proceeded to expose and point to the hoo haw!!!  We just stared in awe.  I had mixed emotions, it was funny but also horrifying at the same time.
Here is one of the delishy treats that Alison had.  A super spud with broccoli.

The fair is always quite an experience from a people watching perspective.  You get all kinds assembled together; carnies, teenager girls that are there to pick up boys, white trash, normal people and goat people.  I knew when I left I’d get hungry and wish I had a Walla Walla Burger, Frito Pie and an elephant ear. 
On to my next adventure, The Pigs and Pipes benefit with my dad.