Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Monkey That Dries Your Nails, Sriracha Chocolates, and Much More

Opening Ceremony Espadrilles – This store based in LA, offer online shopping.  They have so many espadrilles to choose from, for men and women.  They call the shopping cart, “your tote”, how cute is that?

Soludos OC Espadrille – Red Linen, $35


Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Truffle Fudge Bites – The picture and the description speaks for itself.

4 oz, $15.50

Handcrafted, hip, eco-friendly shades – Not only are these cool, but the added benefit is that for every pair you purchase the company provides an eye exam and a pair of prescription glasses to someone in need.

There is a deal right now to get these for $90 at Daily Candy.


Sriracha Flying Rooster Chocolate Truffles – These chocolates are made with the infamous Southeast Asian hot sauce, which provides notes of garlic, chili and a mighty fine rooster crow.

4 or 12 pieces, $9.95 – $24.95

Lovely Monkey Nail Polish Dryer – If you just have your nail beautified, you don’t want to wait, this cute little monkey can help to dry your nails.  The monkey blows cool air on your nails to speed the drying process.


This amazing chocolate bar is about to be in my belly.  I’m so obsessed with coconut these days; that is weird because I hated it growing up.