Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wow Somebody Needs a Happy Meal, ME!

So I just plain haven't felt like blogging FOREVER.  I'm kind of in a "poor me" mood, however, the bright side is I feel like blogging and I have so much fun stuff to blog about.  Warning, the following will be super random...

I LOVE MY FRIENDS, all of you!  I'm so happy for your unconditional support and love.  You always want what's best for me and what makes me happy, and I love you for that.

Photo-bombed by Smell Bell.

Cookie Day!  It has been an ongoing tradition for however long my mom was a child. And I've turned it into an adult drinking party, yeah buddy.  Gary even made me a Ron Jeremy cookie, ha ha!

Jesse and Daylon doing some chocolate molding.
Renee and Mike got me treats that are really me, wine stuff! That wine topper is definitely not from Texas!
We went to the Seahawks, and Randos wanted to touch us! 
My friend Melissa, surprised me with this amazing gem of a gift. I love creepy things!

 I was going to go on with random other things that make me happy, but this is making me smile!  I am satisfied with staring at these amazing people's faces.