Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Love Coming Home

This is a post about coming home from work, being home in general and being a Pacific Northwest lover.

Garrett's Popcorn at Home?
Have you ever stood in line for an hour to buy Garrett's popcorn in Chicago? Well, my besties and I wen to Chicago and we did just that.  Their famous mix is cheese and caramel corn, aka "the Chicago mix".  It was surprisingly, finger staining, delicious.  I was at Costco last night and there this was.  It's not Garrett's but it is exactly that mix.  Kind of exciting.  
 My Amazing Nieces and Nephews!
Chloe is holding my newest nephew, Landon. He's the tiniest thing I've ever seen. It was quite funny, shortly after this Landon farted.  Chloe was grossed out so she proceeded to move him over and set him down on the couch.  She wanted nothing to do with him.  So hilarious, especially due to the fact that this girl farts on me all the time.
 Xmas card from my school, GO HUSKIES.
Okay, they probably wanted a donation.  But, this card is freaking cute! I am very proud of the school I received my education from.
 Early Xmas Gifts
Well, I didn't in fact know this was a gift.  It was inconspicuous and I was expecting other packages. I opened this package, come to find out it was one of my Xmas gifts from Ty Ty.  It is a perfect gift, but I'm pretending I don't remember what it was:)  I mean really, he should'nt be getting gifts sent to my house!  I got another Xmas gift but it was addressed to Daught Daughts Lomas, which was clearly from my besties, Renee and Mike.  Ha ha.  I haven't opened it, even though I really want to.

As you may know I do Birchbox, Petit Amuse and Glam Bag. I'm here to tell you, do Glam Bag. It is amazing every single month.  You get full size cosmetics every times.  I think I've received two per month.  Look at this amazing stuff: lip gloss, eye liner, eye shadow, highlight sheets and a base coat something rather.
 Gourmet Foods
Still trying to figure out what to do with this vinegar that I received in a Petit Amuese a couple of months back. Help please...
So totally random post, but you know how I can be.   Miss blogging with you all.  I think I'm back on the bandwagon.